It Will Help You Take Off Your Business and Truly Differentiate Yourself

This is the key moment. The lighter the better! Within your sector, gaining a very good advantage over your direct competitors. Examples of “unique selling proposition” here are three examples of great companies that will surely inspire you Honduras WhatsApp Number List help you better understand the benefits of usp. Ikea the furniture and home goods company Ikea was founded in 1940 by ingvar kamprad. Since its inception, the company’s value proposition has been “to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home décor products at prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them.”

The Company Has Achieved

That self-assembled furniture is seen as beneficial products for the consumer and not as products that cause a nuisance. A complete marketing success! In addition, buying furniture has never meant living an authentic experience in an aesthetic Honduras WhatsApp Number List and homelike environment. Nike nike is the famous footwear and sportswear brand that dates back to the 70’s. What is its usp? Provide customers with high quality shoes and clothing, footwear and clothing prepared for athletes and fitness customers. How do you get it? Through sponsorships with leading athletes on the international scene, for example: carl lewis, jackie joyner-kersee and sebastian coe, Michael jordan, cristiano ronaldo, and a long list of sports stars.

Manzana the Apple Company

Honduras WhatsApp Number List

Computers, etc., look like more than just a collection of functions. Since its inception, they have made their products look like products with elegant designs, magical to use, only available to some, intuitive, attractive… Their differentiation Honduras WhatsApp Number List from the rest of the company is that they make their customers feel special when they call from an iPhone or write from a macbook. What do the three brands we have mentioned do? They sell ideas, differentiation, experiences! They do not sell a single product. If you have an ecommerce and you are not familiar with the up selling and cross selling concepts , get down to work. They are two marketing strategies that are present when we buy on the internet. Surely you yourself have been able to see them.

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