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Blocks, with a particular emphasis on usability and refinement. This new version [WordPress 6.0, editor’s note] could be considered as a conceptual Iceland Phone Number List envelope for phase 2 of Gutenberg. but that its main functionalities would have been established, explains Matias Ventura, engineer at Automattic and lead architect for the WordPress Gutenberg project in a blog post . Project Gutenberg takes place in 4 phases: Phase 1 (completed) : simplified. Editing with block-based content management, Phase 2 (in progress).  Customization with FSE, block repositories, block templates.  And block-based themes, Phase 3 (coming soon) : collaboration to

Offer an even more intuitive way to co-create content (from WordPress 6.1), Phase 4 (coming soon) : setting up multilingual sites. What can we expect for WordPress 6.0? Concretely, the roadmap unveiled for the next major update of the CMS should be accompanied by its share of new features.  WordPress 6.0 will also be an opportunity to introduce a new mode of navigation on the site ” to easily follow the links to the different parts “, or to benefit from a simplified

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template creation. wordpress-6-0-roadmap-editor ordPress 2. Model optimization This is about placing templates at the center of the experience for creating new themes or pages. WordPress 6.0 may also offer the ability to save templates, which could take the form of “a templates folder with automatically saved file headers ”. 3. New blocks The development of the navigation block, launched with version 5.9, is on the agenda for the next major update of WordPress, because “it contains a set of customizations and opportunities “.


the display of comments, save the image of Headline as an “ attribute of other blocks (Cover, Media & Text, etc.) ”. Note that the CMS could update its block project dedicated to the table of contents. wordpress-6-0-roadmap-blocks  WordPress 4. Efforts made to design tools Matias Ventura clarifies here that “ for version 6.0, there would be a concerted effort to strengthen consistency, introduce more responsive features and extend the Supports & Elements API. Another important goal is to continue to facilitate the adoption of these tools by third-party blocks ”. WordPress goals for 2022 If WordPress continues to work on new projects while integrating user feedback on the use of version 5.9 and FSE, no

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After the postponement of the launch of version 5.9 from.  December 14, 2021 to January 25, 2022, According to.  The schedule proposed by Josepha Haden Chomphosy, executive director of WordPress.  2 Major updates should see the light of day in 2022: WordPress 6.0.  Not before the end of May 2022, WordPress 6.1: mid-October 2022.  I think the relationship between WP5.9 and WP6.0.  Will be similar to the relationship between WP5.0

WP5.1, in that there will be a lot of user feedback to process.  So that we can expand, refine and, in some cases, even reworking the user experience.  With the vast set of new features introduced in 5.9. Aiming to release WP6.0 in late May, we can let WP5.9 breathe a bit, work through the rest of the Phase 2 roadmap, and prioritize WordPress-wide needs as we come to them. meet, says Josepha Haden Chomphosy. In another blog post , the executive director communicated on the three main objectives for 2022 that WordPress has set itself, namely: Drive adoption of the new WordPress editor ” by making FSE (and its tools) easy to find and use “, Support open source alternatives for all site building needs, Iterate

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