Instagram Includes a Function to Tag Friends

Instagram , one of the most popular Mexico WhatsApp Number List. launches a function. The company announced that you will now be able to tag your friends in the photos you take, similar to what is done on Facebook. More related notes transcription, app that transcribes your audio new app, photos that speak is it a good option to invest in bitcoin? Instagram is a free app that allows you to take photos and add special effects or frames to them. Last year one of the most talked about news in the digital world was when Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars. Thus, mark Zuckerberg’s social network acquired one of the most popular services for smartphones.

The Company Announced That You Will Now

Also, about 400 million images are published Mexico WhatsApp Number List daily. In other words, it is one of the social networks that has grown the most in recent times. Due to its visual appeal and its ease of use, it is a platform with many benefits for brands, since it is a good resource to get closer to their target audience. Instagram continues to grow and will now allow you to tag users in photos. Thus, when you are tagged you will receive a notification and the photo will be added to a new section called “photos where you appear”, and like Facebook, you can adjust the settings so that the photos appear until you approve it, according to the maskable site. The new version is available for iOS and android. Here we leave you the promotional video.

Due to Its Visual Appeal and Its Ease of Use

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