Nutella Asks Its Biggest Fan to After Information Is Published

It all started a few days ago. When bosnia and herzegovina whatsapp number list. An american blogger who lives in italy. And who has been the promoter of world nutella day.Through the world nutella day page. Received the letter from the company ferrero. Owner of the brand of the world.Famous chocolate and hazelnut paste. In which they asked him to give up his activity. With the website dedicated to the product. On this website where you can get all. The imaginable recipes with nutella. Created by other fans. You could read until recently the letter. From ferrero that rosso posted and whose effect. On the network and in the media has been such that. Sara ended up receiving support. Even from ferrero employees. In the face of what was happening.

Media Has Been Such That Sara Ended

It cannot be certain that the publication of the letter was the reason for the change of opinion of the Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List representatives of Nutella, but the truth is that after the reactions, Sara Rosso has received a new letter in which the agreement is discussed they have reached with the blogger and the reason for the first request, which would be none other than a “routine procedure for the defense of the brand.” Nutella has indicated that an inappropriate use of its image would have been made in some of the contents of the aforementioned web page and that for this reason the decision would have been made. And although it is perfectly understandable that it is the company itself that wants to control all communications made on behalf of its product, after this episode.

Routine Procedure for the Defense of the Brand

Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List

Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List herself has announced that she will not deactivate the page and that after the last talks an agreement has been reached. To say nothing of, so Nutella lovers will be able to continue celebrating their world day in 2014, for the eighth time. One of the viral videos this week is a real soap opera, but from real life. Again, A woman is surprised by her husband, with her lover and the latter finds nothing better than trying to escape through the window. Identically, Thanks to digital technology, the “black legs” has become famous in all angles, causing the amazement and laughter of the world. It happened in Brazil.

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