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Through the sales funnel the marketing automation tool allows both the marketing and sales team to see the evolution of a lead in the sales funnel . This enables companies to track the intended result. In practice, this means that all phases of the lead can be observed by both teams , from their arrival in the contact base to the moment they show interest, allowing for the right approach to the sales team . With the automation brought by crm , your salespeople know the exact moment to act , without causing wear or irritation to your potential customer. Likewise, with each new sale made, the marketing team remains ready, with a campaign prepared to retain the new customer, based on the information obtained from the.

Crm. By identifying where the customer is in the sales funnel , it is possible to adopt the best strategy for the Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers  moment. We’ve created a complete guide to help you understand your lead’s buying journey and make more assertive sales . Click on the banner below and receive our material for free! Buyer’s journey: complete guide to creating your buyer persona 2. Increase in sales the integration allows maintaining information sharing , making marketing and sales processes more agile and productive. This has a direct positive impact on the company ‘s sales . The increase in sales is due to the fact that the commercial team is dedicated only to real options, without wasting time on leads that have not yet been qualified . 3. Customer loyalty when there are two enterprises offering the same product, even if there is a certain price.

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Difference, quality must be the service differential . This is exactly what the integration of crm into the automated marketing tool provides: customer loyalty . Relevant messages, sent according to their behavior, create a relationship of trust and credibility, making them feel understood. 4. Better view of results another great advantage of integrating crm with the tool that automates marketing is the generation of accurate reports of each action taken. Several times — due to the divergent paths and attitudes of the internal teams — it is difficult to calculate, for example, the roi (return on investment) of a marketing job , since the team cannot keep up with the number of new customers for that action.

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After all, what is inside sales? Understand the concept! Therefore, with the integration, this calculation becomes much simpler, as the system reports are accessible to both teams.  Focusing on really promising leads and preventing them from wasting time on unproductive actions. So, did you like our post about the 4 reasons to integrate your crm with a marketing automation tool ? So, how about subscribing to our newsletter and staying on top of this and other subjects.

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Are you looking for ways to increase your company’s sales? If the answer is yes, know that inbound marketing can be the best solution! Unlike traditional marketing or outbound marketing , in inbound marketing , you present reasons for the customer to come to you. That is, your company does not need to spend time and money investing in advertisements for people who may not be interested in your product or service, or making calls or sending emails to equally disinterested people. As if that were not enough, in addition, inbound marketing makes it possible to measure all actions taken — such as how many people viewed certain content, what was the click-through rate, conversion rate, etc.

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