In the same way, just impeachment does

In the same way, just impeachment does not mean guilt. But it is enough to exhaust the parties involved in the quagmire of judicial proceedings. And it is also a great stigma on public service careers. If you think that the Overwatch Council, which can only impeach but cannot be tried, is a toothless tiger, then the person who said this may be a legal blind person. Not knowing how exhausting the judicial process is, don’t forget, even if the tiger has no teeth , and also a big cat weighing 300 kg. Further reading Will Chen Ju and Huang Rongcun really be the “last deans”? 7 QAs understand the controversy of “abolishing the two houses of examiners” Taiwan is far from a real check and balance between powers, and it is not something that can be solved by abolishing the Control Yuan.

The Radical Progressive Party has

always been on the greener, more independent, more local, and more radical side than the DPP. Whether it is the DPP, the Radical Norway Phone Number Progressive Party, or even Taiwan, this is not a bad thing. At the beginning, Han Guoyu said, “In elections, those with more votes win, and those with fewer votes lose.” This is a nonsense, but also a truth. If we want to calculate winning and losing, we must maximize the Taiwan faction and make the unified faction even less marketable. In fact, it is to see who has eaten the most middle

voters and who has obtained the most

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common denominator of public opinion. The four insistences of President Tsai Ing-wen’s National Day speech, if you are as happy as I am, and feel that when you speak to your heart, you breathe a sigh of relief, then in fact, you are just a middle voter like me, the person on the far side of the spectrum. , still feel that this is not enough alone. The President’s four insistences: 1. Always adhere to the constitutional system of freedom and democracy; 2.

To insist that the Republic of China and the People’s Republic of China are not subordinate to each other; 3. To insist that sovereignty cannot be invaded and annexed; the will of the Taiwanese people. This 2021 version of the two-state theory actually includes the largest common divisor. Whether it is Taiwan independence, China independence, or the masses who maintain the status quo, as long as you are not supporters of reunification, you can listen to it. In this most young people Under the background of natural independence, there is a mass market. The masses from the dark green to the middle are all Taiwanese, which is in the best interests of Taiwan.

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