Ig Group Will Buy Retailer Tasty trade for $1 Billion

Investing.com – Group IG has to pay for activities in the fast-moving retail market for derivatives in the United States.

Paid $ 1 billion for Tasty trade 10 years ago, which combines popular merchant services with educational content for the growth of “independent” merchants. We believe that the tendency to strengthen the financial market will survive the current situation created by the financial policies, the high market and forced by people. millions more than millions of times.

The Strategic Rationale


Is very reasonable and brings clear benefits from mitigation. The memory of the business results inherited due to the inequality in the internal European market, and there is no doubt about the expansion of its presence in the world and a lot of money During the past 11 months.

His goal, too, he said: “It’s great.” The main Italy Phone Number stock market for Tasty trade options in the United States for the past four years has grown by more than 24%, and in 2020 it will accelerate its growth. EBITDA in the last year in the last year in the year of 47% and the main technological technology in the brand clear warning about the health of work and drugs. Adjusted core profit was not less than 50% last year with revenue growth of 44%.

Despite the Market


Italy Phone Number


Response on Thursday, he did not pay attention to the price. By mid-morning, on the London Stock Exchange, Group Shares were down 1.4%.

The price of about $ 1 billion or 30% of the market value is on Wednesday, and the company must take $ 200 million and issue 61 million new shares in the cost of 700 million dollars. This gives an estimate of the total sum of 843 pence, which is a discount of 7%.

But this reduction should be modest, given that Wednesday’s closing was the strongest in 27 months, which came at the end of a great rally: the stock almost doubled from the last From European regulators are the most important.


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