How You Can Maximize Your Marketing

Regardless of the products or services you offer, there is one domain we all rely on for success: marketing. Whether you’re a new freelancer who can’t even imagine a marketing budget or an agency with millions to spend. Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. In the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape, there are many different ways you can spend your marketing dollars. So how do you know if you’re making the right decisions? At Shopify Unite this April, I was scheduled to moderate a panel discussion on how to get the most out of your marketing budget. The universe had other plans. Due to a massive power outage, much of the Day 2 programming was cancelled.

But this topic is important to you and your business.  So after returning home from San Francisco, my four Shopify Partner panelists.  And I met online for our discussion of freelance and agency marketing best practices. . To see all of the Shopify Unite Day 2 programming that was recorded after Unite, visit the Shopify Partners YouTube channel. The biggest challenges Every year, we send a survey to our Shopify Partners to learn more about Guinea B2B List what drives them and what gets in the way of their success. One question we ask is what they perceive as the biggest challenges for them in the coming year. How To Market Your Web Design Business – Challenges From Shopify Partners The biggest obstacle our partners identify, year after year, is finding new customers.

The Biggest Challenges

Following closely behind is marketing, followed by variable cash flow. So we split our panel discussion to cover each of these three topics. Let me introduce you to the four seasoned Shopify Partners who shared their experiences on tackling these issues, and tell you about the lessons it took them years to learn. To Market Your Web Design Business: Melissa Gonzalez Melissa Gonzalez Melissa is the New York-based.  CEO and founder of the Lionesque Group, and the author of The Pop-Up Paradigm.  How Brands Build Human Relations in a Digital Age. To Market Your Web Design Business: Michael Kashioulis Michael Kashioulis Michael is the founder of Smart Cookie Design.  A London-based Shopify Plus Partner that focuses solely on Shopify projects. How to Market Your Web Design Business.

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Robbin Block robbin is a consultant, author, and speaker blending the best of traditional and digital media at Seattle-based Blockbeta Marketing. He has been working with clients of all sizes for over 30 years. How to Market Your Web Design Business: Matthew Bertulli matthew bertulli Matthew is co-founder and CEO of Demac Media in Toronto. He grew up around his family’s retail business, co-founded a compostable plastics brand and now runs a trading agency, so he’s really spent his life in the trading world. Want to see more videos from Shopify Partners? Subscribe to our YouTube for more tips on running a successful web design or development business. Do you prefer to read the transcript? Here is a shortened version of our conversation: Courtney: What’s the best way you’ve figured out to find new prospects?

Do You Prefer to Read the Transcript?

Michael:One thing I can point to that has worked for us is organizing and hosting our own events focused on eCommerce, or specifically Shopify in some cases. We hold an event at least once every quarter and target potential customers. We partner with other companies that may offer similar things that are valuable to our potential customers. It’s not so much about self-promotion; it is more about passing on knowledge. Once we’re done with our events, we make sure to follow up with those leads.  And send them information, blog posts, things like that. It’s really cool because we get to meet you face to face.  We can really gauge if they’re the right fit for us and if that particular client is worth pursuing. Courtney: What type of structure have you found works best for these types of events?

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