How to Win Shopify’s Commerce

Our esteemed panel of judges ranked thousands of exceptional submissions to name the winners of the 2017 Shopify Commerce Awards. Read on to see who won in the Design, UX & UI, Apps & Development, and Marketing & Branding categories. take me to the winners It’s official, the countdown is on. With the December 31 deadline for this year’s Shopify Commerce Awards fast approaching, it’s time to start reviewing your 2017 commerce projects. You most proud of? What was it that really transcended the fashion of 2017? What demonstrates your excellence in e-commerce? Whether you’re developing apps, designing e-commerce sites, creating marketing masterpieces, or dreaming up your client’s UX/UI, we want to hear from you.

Not only is this your chance to win an exclusive.  Shopify Unite 2018 experience trust us. You want to be there), but it’s your chance to position yourself as a leader in the commerce industry. With all of this in mind, we asked our esteemed.  Panel of judges for their thoughts on what they’re looking for in their respective.  Trade Awards categories. They French Business Fax List will cover what they define as exceptional work. Provide examples, and offer advice on what to look for in award-winning submissions. Do you want to win the 2017 Trade Awards? Then read on! Design category What would a trade prize competition.  Be without a design category? This year, we have divided the design into four award categories.  Best Product Page – The goal of an eCommerce site is to make sales. Which means stellar product pages are key.

The Judges’ Weigh-in

We’re looking for an effective and engaging product page that immediately conveys the value of a product. Best Home Page – The home page is like the virtual front door of a website and can serve as a place to start exploring the site. We’re looking for a home page design that leaves a lasting first impression. Best Collection Page – A collection page can tell a story about a merchant’s products, how they interact with each other, and how they complement each other. We’re looking for the best collection pages that will appeal to casual browsers and turn them into enthusiastic shoppers. Better Custom Design with Slate – Slate is a newly released theme command line and scaffolding tool built for Shopify theme development and deployment.


We’re looking for early adopters of this tool who are building their best work with Slate. The judges Two judges are responsible for reviewing design submissions this year: Jeffrey Zeldman. Co-founder of An Event Apart and editor of A List Apart Magazine. Cynthia Savard Saucier. Director of Design at Shopify and author of Tragic Design. What are you looking for in an exceptional ecommerce design? “The biggest thing missing from too many e-commerce sites is a strong sense of brand and brand values. You know when you’re shopping at Apple, Tiffany, or the Zappos website. These companies have mastered the idea that people are more likely to buy when they feel a strong emotional connection to a brand whose values ​​resonate with them.

What Are You Looking for in an

Creating, communicating, maintaining, and growing a credible, appropriate, and compelling brand is what makes an eCommerce business site exceptional. It is what takes it to a higher level, making it a pleasurable and even emotionally satisfying experience for the person using the site. That’s what I’ll be looking for in each category of the Shopify Commerce Awards competition.” —Jeffrey Zeldman The most important thing missing from too many ecommerce sites is a strong sense of brand and its values. jeffrey zeldman “Exceptional ecommerce design is all about serving the customer, not the brand. While flashy technologies can be fun and exciting, they need to be used for the right purpose. For example, parallax should tell a story; movement and animation should help with spatial perception. However,  colors have meanings, etc. Unfortunately, simplicity is often underestimated.

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