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Let’s face it: shipping can be a tricky part of a merchant’s business. Making that first sale and packing it up should be an exciting time. However, for many new businesses, the shipping part can be very confusing and often overwhelming. We’ve noticed that the same confusion applies to Shopify Partners. Managing shipping settings and rates was ranked as one of the top challenges for partners in our 2017 survey. It’s time to help you become a shipping expert. Partners who become knowledgeable in the shipping space can address this critical knowledge gap and become essential to their customers as they prepare for that first sale. Shopify Shipping is a built-in shipping feature available to all Shopify merchants in the US and Canada.

Merchants automatically qualify for discounted shipping rates from trusted carriers and have one place to manage their orders, customers, and shipping tracking information. You may also be interested in: Introducing the Shopify POS App SDK. Why Shopify Shipping? Since the majority of Shopify’s merchants reside in the US, it’s likely Finland B2B List that a good number of your Shopify customers will be able to take advantage of this option. Here are some of the reasons why it might be a good idea: 1. No subscription fees or surprise costs Your customers won’t have to pay per tag or be locked into additional monthly subscription fees. They can send as much as they want and get invoiced on their monthly Shopify bill.

Why Shopify Shipping?

Better rates than post US merchants save up to 46 percent on USPS shipping rates and get exclusive DHL Express rates, including free pickups. Canadian merchants save up to 40 percent on Canada Post fees. Those savings scale based on your Shopify plan type, and are a surefire way to delight your customers. 3. Automated tracking Shopify Shipping includes tracking information, shipping updates, and delivery notifications that are sent to your customers’ customers in real time. 4. Bulk orders Merchants can create and print multiple shipping labels at once. They can prepare their shipments up to seven days in advance and add more security with the Signature Required feature. Who Should Use Shopify Shipping? Shopify Shipping is a great solution for your customers who meet the following specifications.


They send < 100 packages / day. Shipping their products themselves, rather than shipping directly. They ship outside of Canada or the US. Your customers are a good fit for Shopify Shipping if they’ve identified any of the following requirements: Cost Conscious – Every bit of savings counts. Simplicity: Many hats are worn by business owners, so shipping needs to be easy. Multiple Channels – They sell online, offline, and everywhere in between. Batch label printing: They would like to save time by processing multiple orders at once. Guaranteed delivery: They need a delivery on a specific date so that they can trust that the package will arrive on time. International Shipping – They are looking for guidance on how to sell and ship internationally.

No Subscription Fees or Surprise Costs

Set up Shopify Shipping Before your customers can start using Shopify Shipping, they’ll need to provide you with a few details about their vision for shipping. For many, their strategy will change over time. However, here are some options that we hear about more often: I want to offer free shipping. I would like to charge my customer the exact shipping costs. I want to set up flat rate shipping. All of these options are possible. Regardless of your customer’s shipping strategy, merchants automatically benefit from negotiated rates on shipping labels when it’s time to ship their orders. Your customers can choose to display these rates at checkout or simply use them to buy labels – Shopify gives them the best deal on ready-to-use shipping labels, so your customers no longer need to buy them at the post office.

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