How to Promote Shopify 

You can empower merchants to sell anytime, anywhere. Today, we’re taking a deeper dive into the opportunity that Shopify POS offers, how to effectively present your product to customers, and how to qualify potential customers. Plus, you’ll get first-hand tips and insights from Shopify Partners who have successfully built their businesses by providing POS services to their customers. The retail opportunity Retail trends show that the gap between online and offline commerce is narrowing, and the future that is emerging is one in which consumers can choose to shop online, in-store, or wherever they are. If you look at just the Shopify ecosystem, you can see that the future is fast approaching with new opportunities everywhere.

The launch of the Shopify-designed Chip & Swipe Reader, the announcement of Shopify’s new Polaris design system, and the recently offered ability to create apps using the Shopify POS App SDK all enable new and exciting ways for merchants Myanmar B2B List and Shopify Partners work with Shopify POS. Do you need more proof? Ask the experts. For Shopify experts Camila Machado and Bryce Kavanagh, directors of Gorilla Labs and Shopify POS hardware resellers, POS is a daily conversation with most of their customers who have brick-and-mortar stores. “As Shopify Experts, we really enjoy working with Shopify POS as it’s easy to set up, easy to use, and works right out of the box with no headaches,”

Educate Your Customer

Explains Camila. Andrew Langlois, Shopify Partner, President of BIZHELM agency, worked in the POS space before his team started offering web development services to clients. He calls POS the heartbeat of the brick and mortar business. He calls POS the heartbeat of the brick and mortar business. “Today’s cloud-based platforms are much more than just points of sale. We refer to them as an operating system for a small business, connecting everything from customer data to social media to business KPIs. ” You may also be interested in: Learn how to build apps for in-person sales using the Shopify POS App SDK. How to promote Shopify POS Launching Shopify POS.


How to Launch POS Beyond understanding.  The technical features and capabilities of the Shopify POS system. It’s important to understand how to turn that list of features into a clear and effective pitch. Below, our Shopify Experts detailed a few things to keep in mind. When talking to customers about why they should consider POS. Educate yourself Similar to how you would research a client before a major redesign. Understanding a POS client’s business from an operational and future goals standpoint is key. Ask lots of questions, dig into their current processes.  Discuss the obstacles they face now. And discover the future they want for their business.

Show Simplicity and Possibility.

As Shopify Plus Partner Andrew Johnson of Rehash explains.  Therefore, The answers to these questions reveal a lot of important information needed to make the launch right. The truth is that there are many point of sale systems and no one is one size fits all. Our job as consultants is to point out to clients.  What we think is the best option for their business he says. Therefore, The trick is that you can only present the best option if you fully understand. Therefore, The challenges and needs of your client. Gorilla Labs’ Bryce explains that the conversation should be less about the presentation.  And more about how to solve some of the pain points in his client’s business. Therefore, The conversation should focus less on presenting.  Proposals and more on solving some of the pain points in your client’s business.

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