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If you have an established business, your most profitable pieces of content will generally be in the middle and bottom of the funnel. These are also the places where you need to impress your target audience by demonstrating your qualities, experience and trustworthiness. The challenge, however, is moving your prospects from the awareness stage to the evaluation stage and converting these problem- and solution-aware prospects into leads. Your content for this job should encourage your prospects to submit their contact information and opt out of future marketing communications. This is why we need content in the form of a lead magnet. MoFU content type: Educational resources (case studies, white papers, free white papers, free guides, free e-books).

Useful resources (cheat sheets, mind maps, slider files, templates, toolkits, resource lists) Software downloads (free for 14/30 days) Discount/coupon clubs (promotional codes for new resources) Webinars (educate first and follow up after that) Quiz/Survey (they are fun and interesting, ask for an email to get the result) events Lebanon WhatsApp Number List Objectives: Lead/Email List Growth Retargeting list growth (visited the piece of content, but did not convert) Initial customer acquisition Metrics: Number of leads/emails Offer Conversion Rate Retargeting list growth rate Newsletter email opens and click-through rate The examples below show how successful businesses engage their visitors to receive their emails and nurture them further down the funnel, to the stage where they are ready to become customers.

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Even then, the process does not stop. Content marketing funnel.  Word flow Lead Magnet Option in the Box at content marketing funnel.  Backlink Lead magnet option in the box at content marketing funnel. Neil patel Lead Magnet Option in the Box at content marketing funnel.  Death wish Lead Generation Chart at content marketing funnel.  Skinny teatox Lead Generation Chart at content marketing funnel. Asana Lead Generation Chart on content marketing funnel.  Good as gold Lead Generation Chart at Goodasgold.  Content marketing funnel: backlink or lead magnet.  Lead magnet option in the box at content marketing funnel. Golden rules Lead Magnet Option in the Box at It is important to mention that at this stage of the marketing funnel.  The process and goals for most types of websites and businesses are almost the same. They all focus on getting an email from your visitors.


For most of your website visitors who are browsing your website by reading your blog, opening product pages, or just learning about what you have to offer, it’s generally safe to assume that they’re there for a reason. These visitors are also likely to be interested in relevant content, even if it is closed behind the subscription form. Of course, the prerequisite is that the restricted content is well researched and matches the interests of your target audience. Otherwise, the ‘trigger of interest’ will never happen and the lead magnet will result in a poor conversion. Alternatively, those visitors who convert will exit the funnel later when they realize your content doesn’t meet their expectations.

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On the other hand, if conversion happens. What follows after the email is sent should feel like “magic. Behind every great content marketing funnel is a completely elaborate and automated process. Also known as the email sequence. For visitors who did not opt-in, it is always recommended to retarget them through PPC channels a few more times with similar or relevant content to try and engage their interest. However, this part can be highly niche and business model dependent and usually differs from case to case. You may also be interested in: 10 apps to boost your content marketing efforts. Step #3 — Bottom of the funnel (BoFU) The final step we need to take on our journey is to find out what content your potential customers need to make an informed purchasing decision.

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