How to Evaluate the Quality of Your Design

How do you know when a design is good or bad? When the design is “pretty,” that means it’s good, right? So what does “pretty” mean? How do you know that your pretty isn’t your boss’s ugly? Evaluating design quality can be subjective, and the criteria can change depending on the type or purpose of the design itself. But at the end of the day, Namibia WhatsApp Number List designs are created to communicate a message and achieve specific outcomes. Looks are an important factor in this, but they alone won’t tell you if the design is effective. Geek characters flat illustration Are you a good judge of design quality? Illustration by Daria V. In order to know whether your design is a winner.

Does the Design Fulfill Its Purpose

You need to understand the elements of good visual communication and judge the design against those rather than abstract, gut feelings. With that in mind, here are a few questions to consider when evaluating graphic design quality. 1. Does the design fulfill its purpose? — Let’s start with the basics: what does the design need to achieve? If it’s a logo design, it needs to represent and communicate a brand’s name. If it’s a landing page design, you may be trying to persuade users to click the “Purchase” button or sign up for an email list. Design is all about solving problems with visual solutions—that’s why you need to make sure.

Purpose of the Landing Page Design

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It presents all of the relevant information to communicate the message or compel the reader to take action. Content is still king, but you’ve got to strike the right balance between educating your audience about your brand and not overwhelming them with too much information in one design. Two Robots landing page Landing page design by FaTiH™ For example, the purpose of the landing page design above is lead generation and brand awareness. It includes links to all relevant information about the upcoming product, with the most visual emphasis on capturing potential clients’ emails. It’s simple, effective, and solves the problem of engaging users by capturing.

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