How to enable TLS 1.3 on Apache Nginx China Phone Number

Hundreds of shared hosting providers can host your site for less than $5 a month, and they’re fine if you’re a beginner. However, when traffic increases, you are looking for a fast loading site, continuous security, run an e-commerce store, then you need performance-oriented and secure hosting .

Most of the medium to large WordPress site owners choose VPS, Cloud VM (virtual machine) as the next step to move from shared hosting because they are told to move to cloud hosting as it is fast and can support a lot of traffic.

But what happens next?

They spend too much time setting up and maintaining a cloud server.\


When you’re on shared hosting you get everything

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WordPress Installation
Email Creation
file transfer
Database Access
Enable SSL
restore backup
And much more …
and if you are planning to migrate your site to the cloud with the same expectation, but I am sorry to say that you will be disappointed.

When you buy a cloud server / VPS like Digital Ocean , AWS , Vultr , etc. you get a vanilla server with OS. A server where you need to install a database, web server, PHP, WordPress and their related software + must take care of configuration and security.

You don’t want to spend time managing servers. You do?

Instead, you can opt for managed WP hosting.

Why Google Cloud ?


In one line they are better than many and it is profitable


Google is known for its low latency network China Phone Number and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) is where Google products like YouTube, Gmail etc are hosted. GCP trading  is lower than its competitor (you know what I’m talking about).

Google Cloud data centers are located in 24 locations around the world, so you can choose to host near your user’s location. I moved Geekflare to GCP over a year ago and have never looked back to migrate anywhere ever since.

Enough praise…

Let’s offload all the heavy lifting to the expert and you can focus on what’s most important to your business.

Kinsta , a premium hosting platform for small and enterprise businesses, is recommended by Google.

You can start as low as $35 a month, and if you pay annually, you get two months FREE. They use a next-generation system container manager called LXD and it’s packed with speed-oriented tech stacks like Nginx, MariaDB, PHP 7, server-side caching, etc.

Your WordPress is monitored 24×7 for uptime, DDoS, malware, etc.

Kinsta provides a beautiful dashboard to enable the feature or change settings.

For an ex:

Downgrade PHP to a higher or lower version
Enable CDN
Purge caching
Make your site secure (HTTPS) with FREE SSL
Backup or restore
Creating a staging environment
And not forgetting their excellent support and FREE site migration. Try to experience the Kinsta .

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