How to Convince Others of Your Design

We like to include key information that makes our agency different, including our specializations and key clients. Lance O’Grady, pocket square Becoming a Shopify Expert: Pocket Square Pocket Square’s Expert profile is a stellar example of a profile done right. It is important to answer all inquiries, even if they are not the right ones for you. Not only does it help increase the professionalism of the market in general, but it will also help you rank higher within it, which naturally helps you attract better quality leads. Also, you never know what might come of responding in a professional and courteous manner – they may not be the right fit now, but who knows about future work. Want to learn more about best practices for the Expert Marketplace? Check out this article on how to win more business through your Expert profile.

Pro tip: In addition to the look and feel of your profile, it’s important to consider experimenting with pricing models on the Experts Marketplace. The ‘price from’ option gives you the ability to try out different prices listed on your profile, which in turn helps ensure you’re finding the right types of leads, with the right types of budget. You May Also Like: The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Customer Testimonials (with 6 Simple Questions). 6. Market yourself with the Shopify Expert brand Marketing Central African Republic B2B List yourself as a Shopify Expert is key to maintaining a two-way relationship with Shopify. Whether it’s declaring your Shopify Expert status somewhere in your portfolio site copy, using Shopify badges on your social properties, or creating valuable blog content that positions you as such, being a Shopify Expert shouldn’t be a secret.

Lay the Foundations

For potential customers. How it helps your business – One of the most effective ways to market yourself as a Shopify Expert is to include a landing page on your portfolio site to promote any Shopify development services that you offer. Many Shopify Partners use this tactic, and while it helps market your services to potential customers, it can benefit your business in a number of other ways as well. It can help: Educate and update your existing customers. Add content to your portfolio. Establish your thought leadership within the Shopify community. Show your experience to the world. Drive traffic and acquire new leads. Check out Shopify Content Marketing Leader Simon Heaton’s article on the benefits of a Shopify landing page and how to create one for a full breakdown.


The ranking is so important to Shopify Plus Partner Bodog Olah of digital agency Createur. That the digital agency is currently redesigning its website to include a Shopify-specific service page.  With additional qualifiers for Shopify Plus. “A page dedicated to your Shopify services allows you to summarize.  The benefits of Shopify itself over other eCommerce platforms.  While at the same time qualifying yourself as an Expert explains Bo. A page dedicated to your Shopify services allows you to summarize. Therefore, The benefits of Shopify itself over other eCommerce platforms. While also qualifying you as an Expert. Bodog Olah.  Creator Becoming a Shopify Expert: Lucid Shopify Landing Page An example.  Of Lucid’s dedicated Shopify landing page. How it benefits the ecosystem.

Involve the Customer From the Beginning

Branding yourself as a Shopify Expert is particularly important for attracting clients.  Looking to hire for important jobs, like switching platforms. Merchants who want to move from other eCommerce platforms.  To Shopify are often looking for someone.  They can trust to get the mammoth task done. You have their business, their livelihood, in your hands. Communicating that you have the technology and business savvy.  To handle such an incredible responsibility, through the “Shopify Expert” brand title.  Therefore, it will help put a merchant at ease. Getting started.  If you’re approaching the Shopify Expert brand.  With a dedicated landing page, make sure to include high-level details about Shopify.  In relation to your service offering, samples of your existing Shopify work, and a call to action.

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