How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy From the Ground Up

Video marketing just makes sense. It’s the easiest type of content to consume, and when it works, it really works. Take, for example, this video from productivity tool, Without utilizing a voiceover, this video shows you exactly how to Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List use the product. Highlights its unique features, and allows you to visualize how you can use this in your own workflow. Or this video showcasing the new icons for Microsoft Office. This one doesn’t even show you the product itself, but uses visuals and narration to introduce. The philosophy behind the new visual language of their productivity suite.

Guide That Will Help You Plan Your Video

These are two examples that demonstrate a video’s unique capacity to introduce a product or concept in ways that engage an audience far more. Than simply reading an article, listening to an ad or seeing a static image. A video marketing strategy is the guide that will help you plan your video production efforts, set goals and understand what types of videos and topics you should cover. Before you start creating videos for your brand, you need to build a video marketing strategy, so you know what to focus on and why. Why do you need a video marketing strategy? — illustration of people standing around empty screen Illustration by felipe_charria Videos can be formal, informal, energetic, intimate, restrained or full of personality. The potential is endless when marketing your product using video.

Content Can Sometimes Take Longer

Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List
Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List

But producing a quality video is not a given. Unlike running a blog or a podcast, video requires a mix of writing, audio producing, filming, animating and, of course, editing. It’s requires a lot of skill, and a lot of time. While investing in video can be worthwhile for a business, the upfront cost will usually be higher than that of other forms of content. And video content can sometimes take longer to generate ROI. That’s why it’s important to have a video marketing strategy. A video marketing strategy is a compilation of research, planning and goals that will be the guide to creating a solid video for your business.

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