How to Build an Abandoned Cart

And customers who receive multiple abandoned cart emails have a 44 per cent higher multi-transaction rate than those who don’t. Over the last 12 months on our store, our abandoned cart email automation sequence has been the most profitable automated email series on a $/recipient basis. But it was not always like this. To see why it works so well, let’s take a look at the actual emails we send. abandoned cart email: email performance This image shows the revenue from the last 12 months of “automated emails” in our store. As you can see, the abandoned cart automation has the highest “Value Per Recipient”. The goal of every abandoned cart email is simple: Close the sale! Here are the main elements we’ve found to work in abandoned cart emails.

Urgency Shortage Property Benefit Content Brand value proposition content stairs discount If done correctly, the first email sent will always be the most profitable. Let’s take a look at an example of an automated email sequence for New Zealand Business Fax List customers who abandoned their shopping cart. Email #1 Shipping time: Four hours after abandoning the cart. Subject: Your order is still open, please finish it before we run out of stock. Purpose: Close the sale. Communicate urgency. abandoned cart email: 1 In this email, we let the prospect know that we’ve booked their order and they can now come back and finish it. This store operates on a limited supply chain, so we use that fact to our advantage when communicating urgency: We say that we’ve “temporarily held” your order and you need to finish shopping “before they run out.”

Our Best Abandoned Cart Email

Notice how this email (and all the others) has a featured abandoned cart product image that is dynamically inserted into the email, with underlined blue text calling readers to action, as well as call-to-action buttons. . Below are the results of this email for the last 30 days. Notice how high the open/click rates are. If you don’t see this level of opens/clicks on your first email, you may want to rewrite your subject line and body content. abandoned cart email: 1 performance Analysis (last 30 days) Waiting eleven Delivered 2.33K open range 47.7% click rate 17.2% Order Placed Rate 9.4% Income 19.6K I was shopping at a store called Buck Mason recently and abandoned my cart. I thought your initial email (below) was pretty good. It had a compelling subject line, a dynamic product embed, and a call-to-action button.


The only problem I have with them is that this was the only email they ever sent! (Come to think of it, maybe I should go back and buy that charcoal twill pant!) abandoned cart email: charcoal twill pants Email #2 Shipping time: 24 hours after leaving the cart. Subject: Last chance before your cart expires. Purpose: Close the sale. Communicate urgency. abandoned cart email: 2 In this email, we use almost identical content to the first email. We remind the potential customer that their order is on hold and ask them to complete the order. Below are the results of this email for the last 30 days. Please note how we have not incentivized users to complete their order by offering a discount. Most people go straight to offering a discount and miss out on converting the people who were most interested.

Dig Deeper With Automation

Abandoned cart email: 2 results Analysis last 30 days.  Waiting 55 Delivered 2.04K open range 38.9% click rate 12.0%.  Order Placed Rate 5.0% Income $9.02K Email #3 Shipping time.  Two days after abandoning the cart. Subject: Hallmark Home and Family Beauty Tips. Purpose: social proof, brand education, establish authority. abandoned cart email: 3 In this email, we move from leveraging scarcity and urgency to leveraging proprietary product benefit content and brand value proposition content. To do this, we email social proof that a third party endorses our products. Note that this email, unlike the previous two, does not link the user to their abandoned shopping cart, but to a video on our site: abandoned cart email: cindy joseph If the brand you’re setting up this sequence for doesn’t have a professionally produced piece of social proof content, then you can use a customer testimonial video.

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