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Shopify Plus Partner Creator: Bodog Bodog worked as a freelancer for 10 years before co-founding his digital agency Createur. Over time, more Bodog employers needed help with their online presence. What started as a casual web development job here and there turned into a 10-year freelance career. Where Bodog focused on helping a variety of businesses with their general web work. From a personal perspective.  Starting an agency was a natural progression from freelancing,” says Bodog. I was with the user experience on the websites.  I visited and wanted to build a team that shared a common obsession with detail. It was then that Bodog decided to start Createur.

You may also in: From Debt to Dollar Bills. How a Sri Lankan Teenager Transformed His Life with Freelancing. The early days of Createur Shopify Plus Partner Builder.  Team Createur account director Greg Chin left. Bodog founder Uganda B2B List Olah centre and operations manager. Estelle Felix (right) with their friendly office dog ‘Vic’, short for Victor. Bodog founded Createur in 2011 with Michal Hicks and Simon Rae. Back then, Createur was building brochure sites using WordPress. But soon started getting inquiries about eCommerce solutions. One of his first decisions was to carefully choose a software platform for each service.  They wanted to offer and to specialize in that service.

The Occasional Vendor

A lot of offshore agencies and developers were selling themselves as one team that could do it all,” he says. “But we felt that this approach would stretch our abilities too far and that we would never master anything to the level that we wanted.” Createur’s first eCommerce job was a client who needed help with a Magento build (the dominant eCommerce platform at the time). “From a technical standpoint, I was hesitant about being responsible for the uptime of a server that was a direct source of revenue for a client. As part of a start-up business, I was concerned about the legal responsibilities involved in securing this 24/7 environment. Sleep was something I started to value more in life as I got older.”


At the time, Bodog was already experimenting with Shopify and managed to convince their new customer that it was a better solution. He leaned towards Shopify from then on; a platform that he felt confident in and that had a company culture compatible with the inner spirit of his own agency. “When the agency was formed in 2011, Shopify was barely over 1,000 stores and I think we built a store with an ID of around 1,200.” Since then, Createur has largely remained an agile team. However, in the last year, they have seen rapid growth and now employ 17 people. Over the years, the agency has worked with more than 80 clients and has built its experience and expertise on 120 projects, including its most recent project with Cracka Wines.

The Boutique Owner

Createur’s most ambitious project to date While Createur has taken on a variety of projects and been wildly successful over the past six years, e-commerce giant Cracka Wines’ migration to Shopify has been its most ambitious project to date. Cracka Wines, one of Australia’s leading online wine retailers, spent years developing a platform that gave them endless customization possibilities. Shopify Plus Partner Createur: Crack Wines Before Migration The Cracka Wines website before the migration. But they were pleased to learn that features they previously thought were only possible with fully custom software could be achieved with Shopify.

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