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There are two types of customers, set-it-and-forget-it and do-it-yourselfers. You have to attend to both. This is where you introduce all of the support options we discussed in the “Continuing Education” section above. With two support options available, it gives customers an extra layer of options, which they’ll appreciate. And you are likely to get many interested in both types of service packages. 3. Transparent prices It is very important that you state the price of the post-launch service fees as clearly as possible. These can be structured as ongoing retention fees that the customer has the opportunity to periodically renew or allow to expire. This way there are no false expectations.

But be sure to differentiate between different prices for different services.  And you can always offer your customers the opportunity to upgrade services if the need arises. This can be a very effective way to keep a steady stream of income in your business. Make sure you differentiate between different prices for different services, and you can Belarus B2B List always offer your customers the opportunity to upgrade services if the need arises. Basically, it all comes down to transparency and clarity. If you explain your offerings clearly to your customers, answer any questions they have, and continually check in with your customers about their comfort level and proficiency with your new CMS, then you shouldn’t have a problem.

What Are Open Graph Tags?

Well, aside from all the normal problems you’ll have working with clients on a product launch, that is. You may also be interested in: A guide to growing your agency by increasing client sales. So to recap The importance of a post-launch delivery service lies in its multiple benefits. By educating your clients on how to use your CMS and giving them clear expectations about the type of services you will provide, you will: Create a stronger collaborative partnership. Create more consistent and impressive products. Increase your bottom line. Save your customers money. If that last point isn’t clear, consider the fact that retaining maintenance services is much faster, easier, and more cost-effective than having to redesign a site all over again with a different company.


It is also much cheaper than having a programmer who is not familiar with the system and make patch fixes from unknown code. And again, you are providing a turnkey service, a one stop shop for all your digital maintenance, marketing and SEO needs. This is much more efficient compared to finding specialized companies or freelancers for every need. Offering post-launch services as delivery means you must: Explain your post-launch maintenance services at the kickoff meeting. Provide the opportunity for the client to interact with the CMS at the beginning and during the build. Clearly document the code you use. Offer personalized and how-to styling instructions, video tutorials, and other visual aids to teach your customers how to use your product. Determine past performance and select KPI metrics to track post-launch. Collect customer feedback in the form of questionnaires and review requests.

How Shopify Works With Open Graph

Track performance trends periodically after launch. By following these steps. You’ll always be ready for customer challenges and be able to respond to their needs as they arise. How do you maintain customer relationships after launch? Tell us in the comments section below.Have you ever shared a web page on Facebook or Twitter and noticed that a preview thumbnail was missing, an unrelated image appeared, or the wrong description was displayed? If so, you have encountered an Open Graph error, which has sent incorrect data from a website to social networks. When your customers share content online, it’s essential that the right images and descriptions are displayed, otherwise potential customers could be discouraged from clicking. Open Graph Labels.

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