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Use your home page to express your own creativity through fun features and hidden details. brutalist web design: surname The LastName & LastName home page is a fun look at their design process and influences. The visual aesthetic, with crisp, straight lines and carefully measured frames.  Suggests a strong background in graphic design. Something shared with many other brutalist websites. There’s also a humorous side with fortune cookies and a very simple painting tool. Which literally “pulls in” visitors to produce a truly interactive and memorable experience. When site developer Vasco Gaspar was asked why Apelido & Apelido used the brutalist style on their site, his answer was “to express ourselves and the influence of the early web, fun and simple.” Many brutalist website developers echo this artistic and nostalgic sentiment and the theme of humor reappears on almost every site,

something that is difficult to introduce in the more common template-based themes. But it’s not just design firms or portfolio sites that are exploring unusual designs. Major brands like Nike have recognized this growing trend.  And experimented with unusual techniques inspired by brutalism. Sites like Future of Air are deliberately Singapore Business Fax List difficult to navigate.  Have very little branding, and the purpose of the site is almost completely . Brutalist web design: scroll Commissioned by Nike.  The Future of Air site is confrontational, yet immersive. An infinite scroll feature, returning to the top of the site.  Hypnotic animation, and glitchy music are just a few of the more intriguing.  Effects designers use to build an engaging and immersive experience.

Why You Are Undercharging

When browsing the surface of this site, it appears to be very “busy. However, there is not much for the user to interact with. It is clear that this is a site meant to be experienced, without the participation of visitors. While the psychedelic sights and sounds are a far cry from many other brutalist websites. A brutalist influence can be seen in the relatively crude code.  As well as how unconventional the overall design is. As this trend gains popularity. We’re likely to see brands embracing unorthodox designs.  And some of the more functional brutalist methods may make.  Their way from the underground into the mainstream. Some brutalist traits can already on existing websites.  With Craigslist in particular identified as a platform that has inadvertently become a benchmark for raw. Unsophisticated aesthetics.


Basic system fonts, minimal color variation, and almost complete transparent functionality make Craigslist one of the easiest sites to navigate and captures the spirit of what brutalist web designers hope to achieve. brutalist web design: craigslist Craigslist’s functional design may not be very decorative, but it’s still as popular as ever. The classified message board also hints at nostalgia for the early days of web browsing, particularly Usenet, a trait shared with many newer brutalist websites. The message here could be that a simple, unpolished website can be popular, as long as it is fully functional. We might even add Google to this list! Brutalist web design and e-commerce There are many features of brutalist web design that will not, and rightly should not, apply in an e-commerce context.

The Consequences of Undercharging

However, ideas can be gained by looking at how a raw and playful aesthetic could create memorable experiences for a customer’s stores. There are many features of brutalist web design that will not, and rightly should not, apply in an e-commerce context. As we have already seen, the stripped-back style is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among younger audiences interested in design. So it’s no surprise to see brands, especially clothing brands, taking brutal approaches in their stores. Here are some examples of online stores that embrace this bold and raw style. Yeezy Supply brutalist web design: yeezy A personal favorite, Kanye West’s clothing line boasts a highly unusual web store that throws many of the standard features of an e-commerce store out the window.

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