How Great Design Actually Makes Things Work Better

We’ve been told “it’s what’s on the inside that counts,” but what if that’s not completely true? What if the outside counts, too? What if you can judge a book by its cover and what if beauty is much, much more than skin-deep? If you put the Philippines WhatsApp Number List pieces together from various studies on neurology, psychology. Usability and even human evolution, you’ll see the true value of appearances. The one the fairy tales don’t want you to see. Design is more than just pretty packaging. It’s actually one of the main influences on how we perceive value (sometimes even more than what’s actually under the hood). And we’ve got the science to prove it. Setting your sight high.

While No One Has Managed to Pinpoint

No matter how much you love smooth jazz, it’s what you see that occupies most of your brain’s time—more than all your other senses combined. While no one has managed to pinpoint an exact number, high estimates say visuals account for 83% of the perceptual data in our brains. Even the lowest estimates cite that over 50% of the surface area of the brain is devoted to processing visual information. Do the math, and you see more neurons are devoted to sight than hearing, taste, touch and smell combined. That must explain why we’re six times more likely to remember something with visuals than without. Packaging design for Tomis Polpas I don’t know what Polpas are or what they taste like.

Product in Their Hands

Philippines WhatsApp Number List
Philippines WhatsApp Number List

But I want to buy some. (Product packaging design by Martis Lupus.) So what does this mean for design? The graphics you create are going to dominate the viewer’s brain activity far more than anything else. If a shopper is holding a product in their hands, the packaging is going to have a much greater impact on their decision to buy than, say, how it feels or what it smells like. And (we’ll get into this later) our sense of sight can even overpower over our logic. In other words, a well-designed logo can influence people’s perception of a brand more than the company’s financial report or even a news scandal.

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