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Begin What’s new Shopify Partner Program – New Help others achieve their business dreams by living your own. Our new partner program is focused on creating more opportunities to build a digital business in the enterprise space and empowering you to do the work you love. Shopify Partners 2.0 incluye: Onboarding: We’ve updated our onboarding process to help you get up and running faster. When you sign up as a Shopify Partner, we’ll walk you through everything you need to be successful, step by step, with opportunities to earn extra privileges along the way. Therefore, Enhanced priority partner support – Take advantage of Shopify’s award-winning priority partner support to delight your customers and reduce project lead times. Therefore, Our army of partner-trained Shopify support advisors is available 24/7.

As a Shopify Partner, your questions are placed at the top of our support queue.  Allowing you to quickly resolve customer requests before.  During, and after your project launch. More information Revamped Shopify Experts Program. We’ve updated Austria B2B List the Shopify Experts Program with new benefits.  Resources, and rewards to help you take your business to the next level. Learn more. A new look – The Shopify Partner Program website has been completely updated. Highlighting all the benefits and rewards of working with Shopify.  Therefore, Therefore,  Additionally,we’re highlighting three Shopify Partners.  Bold Commerce, Mote, and Ethercycle, who embody what success with Shopify means.

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Helpful Resources Shopify Partner Program – Liquid While the Shopify Partner Program 2.0 includes exciting new features, there are many important initiatives and tools that we’ve recently launched that are fully geared toward fueling your success as a Shopify Partner. Shopify Partner Academy – Shopify Partner Academy is a collection of courses, study guides, and exams that will help you and your team develop critical business skills, test your knowledge, and demonstrate your expertise as a Shopify Partner. These courses will help you understand the scope of the Shopify product and the foundations of a successful and sustainable business. Learn more.


New Partner Dashboard – Your Partner Dashboard is the best place to stay in sync with the apps, themes, and stores you’re building with Shopify. You can use it to keep track of the stores you’re building or managing for customers; revenue, installs. However,  and other data from the applications, payment gateways, or topics you have posted; affiliate referrals; and payment schedules for your referrals and rewards. Learn more. Contributor accounts – Contributor accounts allow you to request access to a customer’s Shopify store directly from your partner admin. Therefore, These accounts provide a simpler and more secure way to access and work with your customers’ existing Shopify stores. Learn more.

What AMP looks like

Commerce Awards 2017 – We wanted to celebrate Shopify Partners and Developers from around the world. Therefore, With 16 categories, expert judges and VIP awards, the Commerce Awards is the perfect place to showcase your best builds and commerce experiences. Our judges ranked an incredible number of great submissions to choose the 2017 winners. Be sure to keep an eye out for next year’s competition. Learn more. Therefore,  A Day with Shopify 2017 – This conference offers a full day of Shopify Partner-specific programming and networking. With five stops in five countries, A Day with Shopify is an invaluable event that can help you become a more successful Shopify Partner. Therefore, Attend presentations hosted by Shopify and presented by other Shopify Partners. Therefore, Learn more. Unite 2018.

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