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We’re professionals, but using a fun, up-close voice and showing off our personality gives us the opportunity to interact on a more personal level with our audience,” explains Laura. “Second, it shows potential clients what they can expect from us when we work together. Being consistent in your own work and content goes a long way toward building trust with clients.” Pro Tip: To make it easy to post images to your channels, here’s a resource put together by Sprout Social that clearly outlines all of the optimal image sizes for each social platform. 2. Carefully craft profile descriptions Don’t underestimate the importance of the profile section of your account. In any type of account description or bio.

You’ll want to quickly and accurately describe who you are and what you do. Your number of characters here is limited, so you’ll want to be careful about the words you choose. Take some time to do some SEO research, with a tool like SEMrush, and see if you can implement high search volume words into your description that are, of course, relevant to your business. Never sacrifice relevance for search volume. The Out of The Sandbox theme developers have a strong bio on Twitter. They tell us what industry they’re in, mention that they work North Korea B2B List specifically on Shopify theme development, and that they’re an award-winning company dedicated to quality, features that are likely to attract customers. Social Media Tips: Twitter Bio Outside the Sandbox Outside of the Sandbox Twitter bio.

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Another good example is Demac Media. They have incorporated a hashtag into their Twitter description to make their business more discoverable on the platform, and even add a cheeky touch to it. Social Media Tips: Demac Media Twitter Bio Demac Media Twitter bio. Demac Media also provides a lot of detail in their Facebook page description, including their mission statement, awards they’ve won, and more about their story. Note that your About section is consistent with your Twitter description. Social Media Tips: Demac Media’s Facebook Overview Description and information from the Facebook page of Demac Media. Some social platforms have larger character limits, which means your account description may be longer or more detailed. But in general, your descriptions should be similar across the board.


Show reviews Imagine you are downtown looking for a place to have lunch and you are trying to decide between two restaurants. You notice that one restaurant looks busy and has quite a few people sitting outside, and the other restaurant looks empty. Which one are you most likely to choose? Many would assume that the busy restaurant must have good food and the other restaurant probably doesn’t. Although this might not be the reality, social proof has immense influence over consumer decisions. Having good customer reviews on your Facebook page is a great form of social proof. When it comes to a potential customer choosing between your business and another, you’ll want to have stellar reviews that offer more detail than just an x-star rating, to convince them that you’re the better choice.

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When it comes to a potential customer choosing between your business and another. You’ll want to have stellar reviews that offer more detail than a simple x-star rating. Carson web studio founder Jonathan Kennedy offers.  A great tactic for getting customer reviews for your portfolio site. Shopify Experts profile page, or Facebook page.  One of the most effective parts of our process.  Which we have been able to test due to the small nature of the jobs we sell, is getting the person (in our case, a developer) who submitted the job to request the testimonial within hours of do that job,” he explains. Jonathan adds that at this point in the project timeline, customers are in a state of gratitude and are more likely to take the five minutes it takes to write a review to reciprocate that feeling.

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