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Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, but the number of leads is almost tripled. It’s easy to see why 89% of B2B marketers use content marketing as part of their strategy.

However, running an effective content marketing program is not an easy task. It requires a skilled team and a well-executed process. Follow these tips from 13 marketing professionals to help build and run an elite team of editors, strategists, writers, videographers and designers.


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1. Create a content marketing strategy

“Before you start looking for writers, you need to create an effective content strategy that will help you determine the type and number of writers Canada Mobile Number you need to hire. This strategy is not just about creating content, but a long-term goal. It also helps you focus on. ” – Jill Phillips, Buildfire

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Creating a content marketing strategy is not an extra exercise to kill time. Your strategy is the DNA of how your brand communicates with the outside world. It is also the genetic code needed to build the best team to carry out the strategy.

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“The way to form a team is to send a strong message about what the team is currently prioritizing and deprecating.”  Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot


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To function efficiently, it is important to have a well-defined job and formal structure of the team. Without this, liability becomes ambiguous and usually confusing.
A team of editors, designers, and writers needs a leader. This is usually the editor-in-chief or content strategist responsible for aligning the team with the organization’s growth goals.

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3. Choose an administrative editor wisely

“The editor-in-chief is the actual day-to-day storyteller of the organization. The editor-in-chief makes content attractive.”  Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute


According to @joepulizzi, the editor-in-chief is the actual day-to-day storyteller of the organization. Click to tweet

Your editor is the cornerstone of your content marketing efforts-you want to choose him or her carefully.

Find someone who is a good copywriter, paying close attention to the details, highly organized, working to deadlines. That way, editors can improve (rather than destroy) the work of other writers. Large ego and editing don’t go well together. Allows editors to see and criticize things objectively without breaking the work of other writers.

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4. Hire a content marketing strategist

“Content strategists need strong communication skills to meet the frequently conflicting demands of editorial and marketing leaders.” – Erin Nelson, Satisfied


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Creating content can be an isolated process. When you spend all your time researching topics, writing informative articles, and promoting your content, it’s easy to lose track of how content marketing is moving your company forward.

When hiring a strategist, look for someone who understands great content, pays attention to the details, has a strong vision for the future, and is ready to take a step further to ensure that your goals are achieved.

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5. Hire a skilled designer

“A powerful visual communicator is invaluable for content marketing. Of course, you can use a variety of free tools to create your graphics, but it’s no substitute for a seasoned graphic designer.”  Kristi Hines, CoSchedule


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Writers may be the most basic member of the content team, but keep in mind that 65% of people are visual learners. Don’t neglect the importance of visual content creators. Facebook posts with images generate 2.3 times more engagement than posts without images, while tweets with images generate 150% more retweets than posts without images. It’s important that your team be able to create high-quality images that resonate with two-thirds of your audience.

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6. Find a writer with a background in journalism

“Journalist knows how to get the point in less words. They are natural storytellers who do n’t tend to market jargon .”  Kyle Lacy, Lesson


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When hiring a writer, the quality of the person’s work must be more important than their background or qualifications. That said, journalists usually have the innate ability to investigate problems from all perspectives and write in a way that communicates rather than simply expresses them . For this reason, the background of journalism is a great asset for writers on the content marketing team.

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7. Actively search for writers

“The easiest way to find a good blogger is to scrutinize your marketing blog. Your business may not be about marketing, but it doesn’t matter in this particular case. Good bloggers are on the web . You can research anything above so you can write on any topic. ”  Neil Patel, Quick Sprout


The easiest way to find a good blogger is to scrutinize your marketing blog, says @neilpatel. Click to tweet

Skilled writers are often more valuable than those who are familiar with a particular subject. As a result, you can actively search for potential writers from all types of content locations. Unless you’re producing highly technical content or content that requires deep domain knowledge, candidates should make decisions based on portfolio quality, not on which topic they wrote.

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8. Unleash the power of video

“Don’t be afraid to start small. If video is a talent for you or your team, it’s very powerful in connecting with people in ways that raw text and images can’t.”  Land . Fishkin, shrike


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Cisco predicts that video will account for 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019. Being able to create high quality video content on a regular basis without breaking your marketing budget can be a huge benefit.

No need to hire a full-time videographer or animator. Thanks to resources such as Fiverr and Upwork, you can get started with the help of freelance animators, screenwriters, designers, voice actors and spokespersons.

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9. Find diverse talents

“The advantage of building a team of freelancers is that you can get a wide range of voices and content types, and that this model is infinitely scalable.”  Benji Hyam, Grow and Convert .


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Writers do not have the same strengths and weaknesses. Some writers are good at creating highly technical blog posts, but struggle to script humorous animated commentary videos.

Similarly, contacting influencers and assigning expert influencers is a matter of course for some content marketing team members, but others prefer to stick to the content.

The key is to equip your team with diverse skills to handle the full range of content marketing activities. In my experience, hiring a freelancer for an individual project may be more useful than hiring full-time staff. This makes it easy to adapt the right skill set to the right project.

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