Home Grounds is an Amazon affiliate blog in the coffee niche

Home Grounds is an Amazon affiliate blog in the coffee niche. By connecting the site URL to WWTIT, we can instantly find out that it is using GeneratePress. WWTIT Results to safeguard If you want to learn more about GeneratePress, visit my in- depth review here . As an added bonus, WWTIT also detects which WordPress plugins a website is using. Of course, the tool does not always detect them all. But that should give you an idea of ​​how to spice up your own affiliate site. Plugins detected by WWTIT to safeguard Sweet, right? I’ve done this step with dozens of other affiliate sites to determine the most trusted WordPress themes in the industry.


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How effective themes Peru Phone Number really are in the real world. After all, several successful affiliate sites can’t go wrong with their theme selection. Overall, I scanned dozens of successful Amazon affiliate websites. Unfortunately, not all of them worked on WordPress. Those who use WordPress, however, revealed a pattern regarding their theme sources. Without further ado, here are the top WordPress themes used by Amazon affiliate websites: Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes 1.GeneratePress Used by: Home Grounds.


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Press to safeguard GeneratePress is my personal WordPress theme of choice. It is a versatile and performance-oriented theme designed to grab your audience’s attention and maximize your site’s conversion rate. GeneratePress Pros Good library of site templates – You can use one of GeneratePress’ pre-made site templates to save time and get right to content creation. Built with SEO in mind – GeneratePress is designed to help your website rank among search engines so you can get more organic traffic.

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