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We try to find concrete examples of how, without a clear scope and process, you are less likely to have a good project and only achieve suboptimal results.” 2. Design and user experience To convince and guide a client that a particular design decision is the right solution, Shopify’s agency WeMakeWebsites uses existing research and user testing, and leans on the best-in-class websites that follow. the design decisions they have used. Q Digital Studio educates each client in one or more areas of user experience, information architecture, and website requirements. “Some customers are already familiar with these processes, but many are not,” says Susan Snipes, founder and president. “For those familiar with them, my team most likely does things differently than the client’s previous web team.

We also tailor our deliverables and processes a bit to each client.” For example, some customers get a very detailed sitemap and wireframe documents, while others may only get a site outline in a Google Doc. Susan explains that these Singapore B2B List  deliverables are determined at the beginning of a project or feature. During that time, she walks the client through what her team plans to produce, what each part is for, and the process steps to produce various deliverables. In addition, she Susan shows clients some examples of what they can expect, gives them questions to think about, and defines the milestones they will reach together. “I will always educate a customer on some part of the user experience because there is so much to learn,” he adds. For the Paravel web design store, this aspect is crucial.

Look for a Niche Approach

Founder Trent Walton explains. “We have learned to be flexible with the process and the tools, as long as the momentum or quality of the project is not sacrificed, so that we can be more assertive with the things that users experience firsthand, such as performance, accessibility and the simple and polished experiences. .” 3. Comments According to Susan Snipes, the most important but sometimes overlooked area of ​​client education is feedback and constructive discussions. “It’s tempting for a client to propose solutions to what they see as their main problems,” he admits. “But instead, I guide them to talk about the problems themselves and what they’re trying to solve. Identifying the real challenge and figuring out the best way to solve that problem is my job.


I want to teach them to think strategically about the purpose and goals of their website. Identifying the real challenge and figuring out the best way.  To solve that problem is my job. Susan Snipes, Founder and President of Q Digital Studio Evgenia Grinblo.  UX Lead at Future Workshops, agrees, explaining that it’s vital to educate clients. On the value of not knowing the right solutions right away. Not having to make affirmative decisions every step of the way,” adds Evgenia.  I’ve found that customers who are experts in traditional industries, like banking.  Can often interpret utility as the ability to make top-down decisions quickly. Deadlines It is also important to help the client understand. That good things take time and that rushing too fast.  For quick wins can result in long-term losses.

Emphasize Education and Information

“People often want to get up and running as quickly as possible. So when you tell them it takes six to eight weeks before they start on the actual design.  It can sometimes be painful to realize.  Explains SwankyApple’s Dan McIvor. To address this, we typically spend time explaining the workload and what needs to happen and when, to ensure customers are informed about our process.” 5. Growth versus cost WeMakeWebsites convinces clients to value growth over cost, meaning to invest more in their website to grow their business faster. “This one is hard to pull off,” admits co-founder Piers Thorogood. “We typically manage it by showing examples of how other clients of a similar scale have invested in our services and achieved X% growth.” 6. Strategy “We want to be strategic partners and not just accept a request and fulfill it,” explains Nikki Shum-Harden,

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