Hedonometer, Measures the Happiness of Users on Twitter

A team of American scientists developed a hedonometer, a system to measure the The Us Media Warning That These Acts Will Continue Norway WhatsApp Number List of twitter users. That works by analyzing the messages of users in said social network. At the moment, it only analyzes comments in English, but the goal is to do it with more languages. The hedonometer, as they called the platform, is a system for measuring happiness and sadness, which continuously analyzes the messages that are on twitter. In this way, the researchers measured the moods of Americans found on microblogging. Said hedonometer collects data published on twitter for the last five years and is available on the hedonometer.

Importance of Mondays in Contrast

The objective is to Norway WhatsApp Number List find out how users feel in situations that occur every day; for example, scientists found that one of the saddest days for Americans in the past five years was April 15, the day of the Boston marathon bombings. A new study on teleworking tells us about the importance of Mondays in contrast, the happiest days for users are the holidays, Christmas and thanksgiving. The hedonometer works in the following way: it is based on the classification of about 10 thousand words, to which it gives a scale from one to nine. In this sense, the word happy stands at 8.30, while accident, war and prison are at 2.60, 1.80 and 1.76, respectively.

Here We Share Some Tips to Do It

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According to the norway whatsapp number list portal. Some 50 million tweets from around. The world that are in english are gathered. For the analysis; in this regard. Data will be collected in 12 languages ​​in the future. This platform can be of great help. For people who are dedicated to developing. Marketing and advertising strategies. Since they will know the state of mind of people.  In this regard, yesterday said social network. Sent a statement to.

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