Hand Lettering Basics: a Tutorial Guide for Beginners

Everyday and everywhere, you are surrounded by letters and written messages. From logotypes to posters, billboards, t-shirts or book covers. Letters not only tell a story but evoke certain emotions as well. What if, instead of using an Germany WhatsApp Number List already existing font, you could draw beautiful hand lettering that’s full of personality? handlettered design by Mky by Andrea Stan aka Mky Even if you’ve already dipped. Your toes into the infinite universe of hand lettering. Or you’ve thought about trying it out but weren’t sure where to start. You are in the right place! We’re going to take a look at the essentials that you need to start this wonderful journey of hand lettering.

That and Hand Lettering Was

I’ve been hand lettering for a little over a year, and it all started when a weekly challenge popped up on Instagram and I decided to enroll. Previously played around with calligraphy, but I wasn’t really sure what the difference between that and hand lettering was. I had zero experience, never taken a class, never watched someone do it live. I just thought it would be fun—and it was! Since then, I’ve been lettering almost daily, and learning this skill has been one of the best things I’ve ever done! By the end of this article, you’ll know the basics of hand lettering and have the confidence to create your own pieces! What is hand lettering?

Type Design Is the Process

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Germany WhatsApp Number List

Many people out there confuse hand lettering, calligraphy, typesetting and type design and use the term “type” or “typography” to refer to all of these. Type Design example Example of a pretty typeface designed by Jessica Hische Type design Type design is the process of making typefaces which all of us can use. A type designer creates systems of letters, making sure that all letters of the alphabet work together in endless combinations. Typesetting simply means arranging type that’s been created by a type designer in a given layout. This might be as simple as a black and white newspaper or as complex as a typography-driven brochure. Back in the day, this was done by hand.

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