300% Growth in Mobile Video Viewing

A study conducted by adobe systems incorporated shared relevant data about users in Portugal WhatsApp Number List. among which the following stood out: 1) mobile video viewing grew by 300%. 2) facebook users are twice as attracted to video content than other types of content. 3) pre-video ads now drive 82 percent of all video ad impressions in extended content format. The study also mentions the importance. Of video consumption per device. Which has grown more than three times since the previous year. With an increase from 3 percent to 10.4 percent. As well as the consumption of these in social networks. The facebook users are twice as likely to comment. Share and video content than other types of content.

As Twitter Is Three Times More Likely

For brands, this reinforces that the Portugal WhatsApp Number List use of video content on facebook will further increase engagement. As twitter is three times more likely to refer to video content on media sites than other types of content. They say that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Now, imagine that said image will speak. A new application, created by the company speaking photo, allows you to add sounds to any photo. The speaking photo application is designed for the iPhone, and allows you to add sounds to the image. In this regard, in an interview with the maskable site, alba Davis, founding partner and director of the company, assured that the application can be used in many creative, fun and attractive ways.

The Study Also Mentions the Importance

Portugal WhatsApp Number List

Also, she commented that it can be used Portugal WhatsApp Number List everyone; for example, real estate agents can send and explain the benefits of a house through a simple photo. Available in the app store it has three different versions; speaking photo lite a free version for the iPhone that has the basic features. Another, with a cost of 13 pesos, which allows you to add sounds to any photo in your library and create slides of up to five photos. Finally, it has a special version for iPad. Three Christmas jobs that will surprise you this application can be an opportunity to share an image with audio of your brand quickly and easily.

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