Two Unusual Challenges and Two Great Ideas Get Bronze at Wave

Let us agree that rayah continues to poland phone number list appear. Uniquely, In a large part of the international advertising. On this occasion, after participating in the wave festival 2013 , it obtained triple bronze in the cyber ​​category. For their campaigns: xs for fes, social buy for brooks and who cares for America Niño. Strictly speaking, almost better than just a gold. Let’s see what her contributions were. While some large stores have dedicated themselves to promoting extra large models Poland Phone Number List, to reach the large female public that does not have a model size, the campaign that raya used for fes was oriented towards extra small sizes.

Let Us Agree That Raya Continues to Appear

Weird? Not at all, the idea was to Poland Phone number identify the vast majority of teenage mothers who still love their jeans as a regular garment. The emotional concept: while everyone greets the perfect mother, the brand greets the ones the world neglects. Fes – mom xs from raya digital agency on vimeo . A new study on teleworking tells us about the importance of mondays, the agency’s second bronze award was won for another great idea. Given the need to increase the Poland Phone Number List fan base that brooks had expressed, a new way of buying and disseminating the product was created through social buy . Total success. Social buy brooks from raya digital agency on vimeo.

The Campaign Included Two Highly Ingenious Challenges

Poland Phone Number List

Finally, the who cares (who cares) campaign appealed to the Poland Phone Number List freedom that young people seek, proposing to live in a natural way. In addition, regardless of the consequences. Along with its social media catalogs, the campaign included two highly ingenious challenges that were directly related to the concept. Who cares! From raya digital agency on vimeo . Along with the above, the agency also obtained silver for this latest campaign in its outdoor category. In other categories, porta, prolam yr. Mayo, di paola y asociados and magia diseño. Were the national winners. In this poland phone number list festival. That took place between april 15 and 17 in rio de janeiro.

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