Google Goes for Africa 3d Printers Promise

Technology is advancing by Benin WhatsApp Number List leaps and bounds and we can see it with the well-known 3d printers. These devices have been used to create objects such as cell phone cases, weapons, cars, or even prosthetics for the disabled, sugar sculptures, body parts. Now NASA has a new challenge: creating food. Controversy has been the short life that this printer has had. 3d printers are capable of making all kinds of objects, which is a potential danger if in the wrong hands. It has already been proven in a practical way that this device is capable of creating real and deadly weapons.

Controversy Has Been the Short Life

However, all these tests are part of the Benin WhatsApp Number List experiments carried out by experts in order to verify the great capacity of this ‘new’ invention, needless to say that it is not easy to use it correctly. Furthermore, Nasa is already working on a new project, which seeks to make the work of space workers easier and more pleasant, who must travel for very long periods of time. The main idea is to be able, through 3d printing, to create pizzas or other delicious foods in just a few minutes. Additionally, For that they have to develop ingredients that last at least 15 years. To make this possible, they are working with the company “Systems & materials research”, located in Texas, united states, which has been commissioned with a complex task.

Which Seeks to Make the Work of Space

Benin WhatsApp Number List

They will have to Benin whatsapp number list make the first pizza 3d printer in the world. Similarly, the company in charge has said. That they believe that in the near future. Their prototype will serve. For any kitchen. On the other hand, the software that is already in process. Will be open to anyone who wants to download it. In the light of. Study it, try it and create their own recipes. Work has been done previously with food. Again, but it is the first time that such a complete. Meal has been sought. Next we will see a video. Of one of these devices. That manages to print. Chocolate on a cookie.

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