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She adds that the most important thing she has learned about learning is to focus on improving the ability to learn, rather than on what to learn. Focus on sharpening the ability to learn, instead of concentrating on what to learn. “Develop the habit of learning. We learn every day, but we rarely pay attention to what we’re learning or how we’re learning it,” explains Jessica. Pay attention to how you learn best in each situation. For example, if you had to learn a new front-end development technique, remember how you learned it and ask yourself these questions: Was your learning process productive? Could your learning have been faster or more effective? How would you learn something similar next time?

Could the learning process you use for front-end development be applied to something completely different, like learning a new task management tool for your job? “The more you pay attention to your learning and adjust your learning habits, the better you can learn.” Jessica says she took this philosophy from Chris Risdon, adding that people often ask Chris what they need to Egypt B2B List learn first, instead of focusing on learning quickly. Prototyping tools are a good example. “There are so many prototyping tools available. If you learn a tool now, chances are you’ll have to learn a different tool for a new project or a new job,” he says. “That’s why it’s more important to be able to quickly learn prototyping tools.

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Learn how to speed up your learning in Zell Liew’s articles Learn to Code.  Fast and Top 5 Tips for Fast Learning. Continuous learning in web design and development.  Center Center Center Center is an industry-focused school with a culture focused on learning.  Learning happens constantly, every day.  Let things go without guilt Brenda Storer has some strategies for combating feelings.  Of overwhelm and paralysis, which she described at the beginning of this article. She seeks balance by continuing to try new things. Which she says she probably couldn’t stop doing if she tried. But she also allows herself to quit without guilt, and sooner rather than later. It’s okay to completely abandon that.  Half-finished side project from last month…or not finished.  That online course I keep putting off.


If I reserve my focus for the things that interest me the most, then I give myself the time to watch something that I really enjoy, which gives me the opportunity to become good at it.” Freelance web developer Shane Hudson agrees, recalling when he used to focus solely on shiny new things or learning as many languages ​​as he could. “As I have gained more experience, I still have an interest in cutting-edge technology, but I use what benefits the project instead of just satisfying my interest. I once had the pride of ‘knowing’ over 30 different programming languages, but now I prefer to be as good as possible at HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Likewise, I don’t learn frameworks the day they come out, but rather wait until I need to use them.

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My default reaction is ‘we don’t need this,'” he argues. “Only things that solve a major problem in development get real consideration.” My default reaction is ‘we don’t need this’. Kevin Kononenko Manual For example, Kevin thinks VelocityJS is great and tried to include it in a previous project. Although he is well documented, he quickly discovered that he was spending too much time learning this new animation system. “I decided to make a stripped down version with CSS animations or jQuery UI. This is often my experience.” What works for you? Everyone’s learning process is different and it’s important to find out what works for you. We all feel overwhelmed at times as technology evolves at a rapid pace, but it’s comforting to realize that we don’t need to know everything.

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