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I can set your store to load products on collection pages next Tuesday for $499 . If that works for you, please reply with a thumbs up and I’ll send you the next steps. Sounds too simple, right? That’s why it works. Why overcomplicate it? By simplifying the description, we simplify the decision. By simplifying the description, we simplify the decision. The statement of work for new clients. Statement of Work: New Clients The kind of simplified statement of work approach described above would work for a simple project for an existing client, but it won’t work for a new relationship or a larger, more complex project. So let’s adjust our approach. For a new client, a statement of work should leave nothing to chance. This reduces risk on both sides of the table, making it easier to reach an agreement and a successful outcome.

As in all relationships, clear communication is the cornerstone of a successful relationship. By defining your understanding of the client’s business, problems, and goals, and defining what you will and will not do during your project, you will Zimbabwe B2B List launch it with the greatest chance of success. In this case, your statement of work should answer a series of questions: Background: What is your understanding of the client’s business? The Problem – Stir up the client’s pain by reaffirming their current situation. This is not redundant, it helps to establish that you are on the same page after having a “why conversation” with the customer. The solution — What solution do you propose to solve the customer’s problem? Try to avoid the technical talk, save it for the next section. Instead, provide a high-level overview.

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The Work — What Does the Solution Involve? Only after you’ve written two sections that establish your understanding of the client’s situation can you dive into how you’re going to make that a reality. Exclusions: What is not included? Just as it is important to define what is involved, it is important to define what is not involved. While anything that is not defined should be assumed to be out of scope, some items may be ambiguous. For example, if you’re setting up a Shopify theme, who pays for the license? Who has to provide banner images? Define what is not included in those situations. Measuring success: what does success look like? As measured? Define the dream by describing the result of a successful engagement Timeline: how long will it take? Investment: How much will it cost and when is payment due?


Performance Guarantee – This section is optional but recommended. What if things go wrong? Entrepreneurs, like all people, are risk averse. Offer a performance guarantee to mitigate risk. I know what you’re thinking: ” Kurt, this is starting to sound like a proposal.” Here’s the key difference: All the points I suggest you touch on in your statement of work are completely focused on the customer and your business. Unlike a proposal, we never talk about ourselves and why you should hire us in this approach. After a discovery call, the client is supposed to trust us as consultants; the problem is now the project itself. Unlike a proposal, we never talk about ourselves and why you should hire us in this approach.

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You may also be interested in: The secret to persuading clients to hire your design company. A work sample statement Your statement of work should echo the conversation you had with the client during your discovery call; this should be easy to do if you ask the questions outlined in the example statement of work above. Don’t forget to shut up and listen while you take notes during the call. Let’s take a look at a sample statement of work and see what this document might look like in practice. Below I have included a complete example of a statement of work for a new client. It’s based, in part, on an actual email I recently sent to a new client who won the project. Background Acme Fidget Spinners have enjoyed great success riding the wave of the fidget spinner craze. The Problem Recognizing that the fidget spinner craze won’t last forever.

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