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Get creative with your content You work in a creative industry, so take advantage of that. Use custom graphics, motion graphics. Therefore,  And video to draw attention to your accounts and encourage people to engage with your content. Below, you can see that the Jackpine agency designed.  A motion graphic to go with a Christmas message to let their followers.  Know they’d be away for the holidays. Instead of just sending a message using plain text.  Therefore, Adding an interesting and humorous graphic shows Jackpine’s creativity and personality. Social Media Tips: Jackpine Vacation Graphic Use funny GIFs like this one from Jackpine to add sparkle to your social content. An amazing platform to showcase visual design creativity is Instagram. See how We Make Websites has visually structured their Instagram feed, alternating between photos and videos with consistent blue overlays that match their website branding.

You will find that they have created quick videos of projects they have worked on to inspire others in the industry. Social Media Tips: We Make Instagram Websites We Make Website has creatively designed your Instagram feed to portray personality and portfolio work. You may also be interested in: 14 agencies and freelancers that you Turkey B2B List should follow on Instagram. 8. Label in third party content Ever come across an interesting article relevant to your industry? A new trend, a prediction, a new update, a helpful resource, or a project you thought was executed well? Therefore, Share that knowledge with others and tag them. Giving shout-outs and tagging businesses in third-party content draws more attention to the post you’re sharing and can lead to more people checking out your account.

Make Account Creation Easy

Also, recognizing the good work and achievements of others can encourage other businesses to tag you in their content or give you a kind word on social media. Therefore,  which is even better if they have a large following. In other words, be nice to your network and they’ll be nice to you. Ireland-based Shopify Experts Milk Bottle Labs does this with a tweet that mentions Pixel Union. Helpful tips for social media: Milk Bottle Labs tweet Milk Bottle Labs gives a nice social shout out to fellow Shopify Partner Pixel Union. Keith Matthews, the founder of Milk Bottle Labs, explains what value his agency gained from this tweet. Simply put, collaboration is part of the ethos within the partner community, and Shopify encourages it. Keith Matthews, founder of Milk Bottle Labs. Therefore, Ultimately, the Shopify Partner Program is made up of a community, helping and educating each other.


In addition to benefiting other partners, it can benefit a potential Shopify customer who isn’t on Shopify yet,” explains Keith. “If we all share our knowledge, everyone wins. Who knows, maybe Pixel needs an expert in Ireland, or a client of ours may choose the topic mentioned. Simply put, collaboration is part of the ethos within the partner community, and Shopify encourages it.” conversions Use social media as a way to increase your online conversions. Create social media content that links to your SEO rich pages to increase the number of leads you receive. Therefore,  Invest in social media ads With the number of users increasing and becoming more engaged, US social media ad spend is on track to surpass TV ad spend for the first time in history, and is expected to reach 35.98 billion ad spend.

Struggling With Complex Payment Processes

Dollars worldwide in 2017. That’s 16 percent of all digital ad spending worldwide. Social media ad spend is on track to surpass.  TV ad spend for the first time ever, and is to reach $35.98 billion worldwide in 2017. However, you don’t need to have a huge budget to get results from Facebook.  And Instagram ads.  The platforms I would recommend advertising on, as they are experiencing.  Tremendous growth and consume a good chunk of the average person’s time spent on ads. Social media. media. Since Instagram is own facebook.  The process for setting up ads on these platforms is streamlin making it easier for you to decide. If you want to run ads on both platforms. Setting up an ad is easy to use.

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