Get Some Time in Real Life

As a Shopify Partner, you can pitch your pitch on our web design and development blog.  Therefore, Take a look at our guidelines here. Need some ideas on where to start with content? Therefore, Check out these resources on content creation and how they can benefit your business: 7 content ideas that will generate revenue for your agency 3 simple ways your agency can use content marketing to build a better brand and find new clients Shopify Partner Session Webinar: How Our Web Agency Doubled Revenue Using Content Marketing Pro Tip: If you’re serious about submitting a blog submission to any third-party blog, be sure to read their guidelines carefully and submit exactly what they ask for. Find out who your audience is, what kind of content they’re looking for, and how they want releases structured.

If they don’t have guidelines, read some of the content on their website (which you should be doing regardless), it will give you a lot of insight into publisher expectations. Learn more about Shopify theme development and Shopify metafields to create for your Shopify customers. 2. Stay active online Shopify is lucky to have an engaged community of merchants and partners. There are many and partners French Polynesia B2B List answer them to show their experience and skill. How it helps your business: Shopify Expert Jonny says that participating in Shopify’s online communities, such as forums, will help him stay up to date on customer needs, allowing him to better serve customers. “We can see trends in new requirements for applications and designs,” he says.  Therefore, Being a part of the forums keeps us abreast of new developments with Shopify and eCommerce.”

Stay Active Online

How it benefits the ecosystem: Participating in forum discussions means you are providing valuable and accurate information to the community, helping merchants and partners to be successful. Getting involved online also means contributing to a community that can return the favor when the tables have turned and you’re the one who needs a little help or the answer to an important question. Getting Started – All Shopify Partners can join the Shopify Community Forums to collaborate, ask questions, and build partnerships. Some other places where you can get started include: Shopify Store Owner TJ Mapes, eCommTalk Slack Channel.  Therefore,Shopify expert Jonathan Kennedy’s Shopify Entrepreneurs group.


Shopify Community Forums Whichever forum you decide to join. Pro Tip. Therefore, Staying active online often means crafting educational answers and putting them.  Together in different formats like blog posts, forum posts, books, etc. This type of content is great for upskilling your own skills. But can also double as internal resources for staff training.  Get some time in real life It’s simple: the more face-to-face time you can meet with customers. Competitors, collaborators, and Shopifolk.  The better. Many partners host Shopify Meetups in major cities.  Which are a great way to meet potential leads, customers, and fellow partners.

Collaborate With Other Shopify Partners

How it helps your business: Collaborative relationships often grow out of meetings, which can also help you build reciprocal relationships with other partners who complement your services, and vice versa. Shopify Plus Partner Gavin Ballard of Disco says that being active in real-life events has provided him with leads and customers. “I think what a lot of people don’t appreciate is that ‘real’ networking, not the sleazy ‘throw your business card to anyone who takes it and sell, sell, sell,’ is a really long game, and it comes from delivering value over a long period of time.” I think what a lot of people don’t appreciate is that ‘real’ networking, not the sleazy kind of ‘throw your business card to anyone who takes it, and sell, sell, sell’, is a really long game. Therefore, and it comes from delivering value over a long period of time.

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