Full screen chronicle: from chin, curved surface, special shape, Sweden Phone Number

If the entire feature phone era is the chronicle Sweden Phone Number of the opening of the mobile phone cover. From bricks, flips, slides, screw caps to candy bars, then the era of smartphones is the evolutionary history of the opening of mobile phone screens. There is no biggest but bigger.

Since Steve Jobs use “iPhone” to redefine the Sweden Phone Number smart phone in 2007, and the price of the smart phone has soare from $499 to 8699 yuan step by step, Apple has finally change from a warrior to a dragon; but there is no need to rush to deny Apple’s huge profits. Subversive innovation is meaningless. At least the mid-to-low-end market, which is despise by Apple, releases a huge “recoil”.

SharpAQUOS Crystal: There is no fluctuation in the heart

This requires that major manufacturers must distinguish the winner on the full screen before fully entering the folding era.

Strictly speaking, at least so far, the full screen is just a “pseudo concept” that has been hype up,

and those who keep claiming that they are full screen only have a screen ratio of about 80%.

But it doesn’t matter whether users believe it or not, the important thing is that this group of mobile phone manufacturers have unify the caliber. And they believe it: as long as they always pursue the ultimate screen ratio. The listening/listening hole can be place on the side, and the Home button can be use instead

Xiaomi MIX: The pig standing on the tuyere

Sweden Phone Number
Sweden Phone Number

Although the definition of borderless and full screen exist as early as the Sharp era, it was not until Lei Jun and Stark shoute the slogan of “full screen” that the era of full screen really start.

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On October 25, 2016, at the Xiaomi autumn new product launch conference, the full-screen concept phone Mi MIX, which was unveile together with the flagship Mi Note 2, has a screen ratio of up to 91.3%.

The unique wide chin, all-ceramic body and “under-screen camera” achieved Xiaomi’s screen-to-body ratio, and once pull the Xiaomi MIX into the whirlpool of “plagiarism”. But people themselves use Sharp’s screen and there is no controversy about continuing the design scheme of others. After all Sharp originally sold LCD screens.

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