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Eating patterns is not just the english word for eating habits it is also the name of vega hernandos culinary project. This barcelona designer has taken edible patterns to the letter and has created an instagram account in which she shares not only her recipes, but also the motifs she creates with the food itself. Vega works as a freelance designer making prints for various brands and suppliers, but another of her great passions is cooking. In an attempt to mix her two passions, she decided to create a fanzine publishing her recipes she was her while she illustrated a culinary pattern on paper that she came up with using the same raw material that she uses for her dishes. The result is a delight for foodies.


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Eating patterns foodie motifs 1 eating patterns foodie background remove service motifs 2 the triumph of an idea like eating patterns lies in its simplicity, vega does not make random designs, but rather each of her patterns is consistent with the recipes she normally prepares at home, no matter how simple they may seem. The aesthetic taste of its creator is the other of the pillars on which the project is based each of the photographs has been carefully thought out and prepared so that each element is consistent with its surroundings. His influences range from pop culture to the memphis movement through haute cuisine chefs who would already like these plating for some of their creations.

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However, the project of this catalan does not seem to CXB Directory be going to stagnate, quite the opposite she already plans to set up a conceptual catering company. Meanwhile, the publications on her instagram do not stop appearing to leave us with our mouths open and salivating. Forget everything youve seen so far, vega hernando revolutionizes the world of food photos on instagram with eating patterns. The principle of simplicity states that the eye will instinctively choose to interpret the simplest possible form. This means that when presented with an image containing multiple shapes, the mind may choose to separate them or group them depending on which solution is the most straightforward. For example, even though the pictured image could contain three identical, overlapping shapes or eighteen separate lines, we tend to assume the former because that is the simpler visual solution.

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