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Even if it is intended to be a temporary onboarding step, you should maximize its communication value to users and provide instructions on how to change from an empty state to an active one. For example, the first page users see after signing up for the Khaylo Workout app is empty. To make it easier to activate, Khaylo Workout turned this page into a learning opportunity: Where you would normally see your challenges, it says “Tap the + icon and send your friends workout challenges” with an arrow pointing to the camera option. Mobile App Onboarding: Khaylo Workout App Turn empty states into a learning opportunity. Do: set expectations of what will happen Don’t forget that empty states should also help users understand the context.

Another way to use empty states for embedding is to deliver the information in a show or tell format. “Show” the user what the screen will look like when populated with sample data and “tell” them with a written explanation how to achieve it. Mobile App Onboarding: Show or Tell Format The background image shows users what a page will look like when populated with real data – it sets expectations and increases the likelihood of a successful onboarding. Do: Provide some sample Angola B2B List data If the app is pre-loaded with sample data, the user will feel comfortable experimenting and learning how the app works, and will be better prepared to enter real data. This is particularly useful in applications that handle sensitive data (such as finance). A “Welcome Board” is the first thing a user sees in the Trello task management app.

Onboarding Technique Empty States

This dashboard includes preset to-do list items, with each item explaining a different interaction or feature within the app. This approach allows users to learn features much more effectively than with a static display. Mobile App Onboarding: Trello Onboarding Trello uses the interface to teach users and encourages them to explore and test different interactions in the context in which they will use them in the future. Do: Enter success states The moment a user completes an important task for the first time is a great opportunity for you to create a positive emotional connection between them and your product. Let your users know they are doing great by acknowledging their progress and celebrating success with the user. For example, zero inbox is definitely a positive achievement for Gmail users.


It’s great that the app delights users with good animation. Onboarding of mobile applications: animation of tasks carried out Rewarding the user with an animation when they achieve personal goals can create deeper engagement with the app’s features. Image credit: Material Design. You may also be interested in: How to improve the onboarding flow of your Shopify app. Think of the first time user Before you design your app onboarding, stop and think about what kind of experience first-time users deserve. Give some thought to what you are trying to accomplish and what techniques are most appropriate. Remember that users do not launch an application to spend time learning how to use it.

A Chain of Tips

But rather to complete a task in a short period of time. Onboarding your app should help users achieve this. Do you have any tips for designing a great app onboarding flow? Share with us in the comments section below. That is accompanied by a contact form this helps potential customers.  Avoid having to navigate through your site. Bo adds that it’s important to take advantage of the strong.  SEO benefit of having a page dedicated to Shopify services. When this page is cross-linked to your expert profile on the Shopify Experts Marketplace. The relevance between the content on both pages will be complementary and help keep SEO flowing. Additionally, Bo says that including specific Shopify case studies for common customer requests is extremely valuable. They give prospects peace of mind that.  You’ll be able to handle their more specialized requests,” he explains.

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