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That’s because we’re prioritizing speed more than ever, providing a fast foundation to increase the likelihood of merchant stores loading quickly. We knew that building with minimal JavaScript meant we wouldn’t compromise the user experience for merchants and shoppers. In some cases, JavaScript is required even if it’s not the most efficient option. But where it made sense, we relied on native browser functions instead of JavaScript libraries and polyfills. We encourage developers to take advantage of native browser functionality whenever possible to render HTML and CSS layouts. 6. Reopening of the Shopify Theme Store We’re excited to announce that in addition to the improvements to Online Store 2.0, we’ll also be reopening the Shopify Theme Store for partners on July 15, 2021.

On that day, you’ll be able to submit your new themes for review. and approved topics will start publishing. Even better, in September we’re removing all revenue sharing from the first million dollars you earn annually on the Shopify Theme Store. That means if you make less than $1 million, you’ll pay a zero percent revenue share, and those Christmas Island B2B List numbers reset every year. When you earn more than $1 million, you’ll only pay a 15 percent revenue share on incremental earnings. There will be a one-time shipping fee of $99 USD per account to ship to the Shopify theme store, plus a 2.9 percent processing fee on all transactions. We will have more information about this update soon.

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With millions of merchants using Shopify to run their businesses, now is the time to create themes for these global entrepreneurs. The Shopify theme store has been closed since 2018, so this is an opportunity to get in early and establish yourself as a trusted theme developer. Learn about the updated guidelines for submitting your theme to the Shopify Theme Store. If you haven’t already, sign up for a Shopify Partner account below and start creating your first theme. Grow your business with the Shopify Partner Program Whether you offer web design and development services or want to build apps for the Shopify App Store, the Shopify Partner Program sets you up for success. Join for free and get access to revenue sharing opportunities, developer preview environments, and educational resources.


Register 7. Update your themes and apps To take full advantage of these improvements, you should plan to migrate your themes and applications to the updated Online Store 2.0 requirements as soon as possible, especially as merchants expect the flexibility that OS 2.0 brings. By the end of the year, all themes in the Shopify Theme Store and apps in the Shopify App Store will be required to use the new infrastructure. Existing merchant themes will continue to work beyond this year, but to access the new Online Store 2.0 features through the theme editor, merchants will need to ensure their theme is compatible with Online Store 2.0 . Learn more about migrating your themes to OS 2.0.,

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And creating theme app extensions to make your apps compatible with OS 2.0 themes. Updated documentation To help you update your themes and apps, we’ve reviewed the online store’s developer documentation. Our documentation now includes. How-To’s for Developer Workflows and Processes with Themes.  Best Practices for Commerce Components with Semantic.  Web Best Practices How apps should integrate with the new online store architecture.  Including how to make your app work with legacy themes Visit our new documentation.  To learn more about updating your apps and themes. Stay on top of updates on all things Shopify development by joining our monthly.  What’s New for Developers newsletter. Template icon stay informed Sign up to receive Shopify News, our monthly email with the latest Shopify product news.

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