Federer’s Unusual Commercial as the Face of Nike.

The prestigious multinational company. Nike has launched a campaign to promote. its new model of Estonia WhatsApp Number List. To advertise this new product they have chosen the Swiss tennis player, winner of 17 grand slams and current number 2 in the apt ranking, roger feeder, who makes a particular commercial that, for sure, you will want to see. To demonstrate all its qualities, nice has launched a curious commercial starring the acclaimed Swiss tennis player. The video shows a fly suddenly entering feeder’s house, let’s see how it goes: more than a hobby: the self-made musician this commercial has generated more than 45,000 visits in just one day on YouTube, a lot of movement on  social networks , and many different opinions from the public.

A Campaign That Pretends to Abercrombie & Fitch

It has also resulted in a wide dissemination of the Estonia WhatsApp Number List. material by the international sports and entertainment press. Between the good, the bad and the terrible reviews that this advertising has received, the objective that the company’s creative’s had surely set for itself has been fully met. That is, “make noise”, vitalize the content, and of course, show the new product that will surely be a sales success. Maybe not to kill flies, but for flexibility, comfort, and of course, because roger feeder uses them. Abercrombie & Fitch has been recognized, in recent years, for various scandals that have to do with the “Exclusivity of the brand” that often borders on discrimination and lack of humanism. This is demonstrated by some statements made by mike Jeffries. Arguments that have caused the rejection of an important part of society.

This Shoe Promises to Be So Comfortable

Estonia WhatsApp Number List

She denounced mcdonald’s. Because the employees called her fat the rapid failure. Of estonia whatsapp number list phone. The unusual commercial of feeder as. The face of nice with the intention of contradicting. The position of the brand. A strategy has been designed through. Twitter that aims to take the aforementioned. Garments to “Another level”. This is the campaign fitch the homeless. Created by the digital activist greg barber which. Through the hash tag fitchthe homeless. Has called on users to collect clothing . From the brand and distribute it among low. Income people and then share their action online. The social network with the intention of showing their rejection of the brand’s position.

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