Favicon: what is it and how to create one for your website

The favicon is a small image that says a lot about your website. Let’s see why!

You have manag to build a brand and this makes your customers know you. You implement good sales strategies and you have a logo that draws the attention of your visitors. Cool! After all, the recognition of your new, current or potential customers is essential for the success of your business.

The identity of a web page is also relevant when creating a complete brand experience. And, for this, you must take into account even the smallest detail.

For this reason, in this post we want to tell you what a favicon is, why it is important for your online presence and how to create this tiny icon for your website. Go for it!

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Make your brand recognizable and work on your online presence
If you create a website or an online store you can expand your offer significantly Jordan Phone Number and reach a new audience more easily.

However, it should be easy for each new visitor to your website to recognize at first glance that it is “your page”. Recognition builds trust and brand familiarity , both of which are key aspects of building your website.

When designing a web page (including the logo, the fonts used, the colors of your corporate image, etc.), the branding of the brand must be taken into account. But there is another aspect that you should also take into account: the web browsers tab.

Here are some tips on how to create a favicon and make your logo visible.

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What is a favicon?
A favicon is an icon that complements your web page and offers added value, making it easy for your customers or readers to recognize you.

The word “favicon” comes from the English favorites icon , or what is the same, favorites icon.

This icon has two basic functions. It is displayed next to the page title in your browser tabs and also this small image is displayed when we bookmark a website in the bookmarks bar.


The favicon appears on each tab next to the name of the web page.

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Take into account the size and format

To make your website stand out with a custom favicon, create an icon file -icon files- with a dimension of 16 x 16 pixels.

If you want higher quality and resolution, you can also use formats up to 18 x 18 pixels.

Make sure it’s an actual icon file and has the “.ico” extension, although .png and .jpg formats are often recognized by current browsers as well. However, if you want to display the image as a standard for older browsers, you should use the .ico format whenever possible.

Tip: The icon is very small: only 16 x 16 pixels. The more shapes, colors or lines it has, the more difficult it will be to recognize it. Therefore, choose a clearly recognizable symbol or image that contains the least number of lines and colors. And, if the logo has a rectangular shape, much better. Otherwise, fit the logo to the default square or save it with a transparent background.

How to create a file in .ico format for your favicon?
If you want to create an .ico file you can use, for example, a free image editing program like GIMP that you pay for, such as Adobe Photoshop. With it you can edit the logo of your company, cut it or adapt it to the size you want.







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