Facebook will include advertising videos on its platform

The social network face book is preparing another strategy to obtain profits through Iceland WhatsApp Number List advertising . In July of this year they will integrate promotional videos on the user’s wall, which will only last 15 seconds, they will not have sound unless the person authorizes it and one will appear per day. More related notes: air conditioning with air freshener included and aromas to choose from on face book candy crush the most addictive game on face book due to the growth of online video advertising , mark Zuckerberg’s company seeks to generate new revenue through these formats, according to the financial times portal. Do you want to start investing? These 9 sectors could be the best option to start.

Mobile Advertising Business Continues to Grow

The new ads will appear automatically when the user enters the platform. Likewise, the Iceland WhatsApp Number List to Grow has analyzed the possibilities that this generates annoyance to its audience; for this reason; the videos will only last 15 seconds, they will appear without sound and people will decide if they want to listen to it and only one mark will appear per day. The project is still on trial, but according to the London newspaper, the first brands to appear will be unlevel, nestle, ford, Diageo, American express and coca cola, who belong to the face book customer council. In this regard, according to several media reports, face book has not given any official statement.

According to the London Newspaper

Iceland WhatsApp Number List

It should be noted that the company. Iceland whatsapp number list reported. A few days ago that because. The mobile advertising business. Continues to grow. Its revenues rose 38 percent in. The first quarter of this year compared to 2012.Successful people go out of their way to visit fan pages and make an honest comment about the visit. Sending an automatic dm only annoys the followers and makes you seem like someone who feels far above the rest. There are several factors to consider: if you are a cm or someone outside the industry, the field in which you work, what you intend to show as an image to the public, etc. Here we tell you the best days to tweet, according to your profile.

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