Facebook wants to buy Waze

The social network Facebook is in Indonesia WhatsApp Number List negotiations to buy the Waze application for between 800 and 1,000 million dollars. This app, developed by an Israeli company, allows users to know how the traffic is in their city and bases its functionality on GPS technology. More related notes: A like on Facebook does not save lives, says Unicef ​​Sweden Instagram includes function to tag friends This morning, different media have published the interest that Mark Zuckerberg’s company has in acquiring Waze . The Israeli newspaper Calculus reported that the negotiations began 6 months ago and that the amount that the social network would pay is between 800 and 1 billion dollars. At the moment, Waze representatives have not given any comment on the matter.

The Israeli Newspaper Calculus Reported

If you don’t have hundreds of dollars to Indonesia WhatsApp Number List pay a designer, graphic design company or resign yourself to having only a Blog to promote your product, here is a good solution. Thanks to Wix, the revolutionary tool for creating great Web pages based on templates that are completely friendly and modifiable, now anyone can have a quality site for their company . Here we will show you a little about what this company is about, which is sweeping the field of site creation. More related notes: Are you self-centered in social networks? The fantastic Google Doodle: Tribute to Saul Bass This company has created a very useful and revolutionary tool that is drastically changing the entire website design market.

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Indonesia WhatsApp Number List

Using flash templates, and adding a Indonesia WhatsApp Number List powerful editor, added to the fact that the information that is published is usually easy to read for Google’s robotic systems, the site facilitates the incorporation of the material to all searches. For these reasons, the reception from people looking to create these types of sites has been excellent. It’s easy and fun to create a website in Wix based on a colorful template , which can be edited in its entirety and, with patience and time, results in a site that, at first glance, has nothing to envy to that of companies that are already in the network. Waze is an application that allows smartphone users to generate maps and traffic data, to later share it with their contacts; its objective is to offer traffic information in real time.

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