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I will also place a high premium on novelty. Whether it’s tackling an unattractive and often overlooked business problem. Or tackling a common problem from a different angle. Gavin Ballard We’re not looking for the most complex solutions. Or apps with a million bells and whistles. We want apps that address a specific business problem in the simplest way possible. Gavin Ballard “The people behind any great app have a deep understanding.  Of the problem they’re trying to solve and show empathy.  For the people they’re solving it for. Exceptional applications are accessible, easy to use. And effectively and completely solve the needs of users.  However, The best Shopify apps and integrations have an effortless user. Experience from onboarding to using. As a judge for this year’s Commerce.

Awards, I’ll be looking for apps and integrations that are also innovative. However, Elena Li What advice do you have for those submitting work to the Applications & Development category? “Make sure your presentation presents a story that  Brazil Business Fax List explains what your app does.  What problem it solves, and why marketers will find it valuable. Without this context, judges will not be able to empathize with the target user. Gavin Ballard We’d love to hear about your experience building.  On the Shopify platform.  However, Elena li “Once you’re ready to submit your work.  Include a brief description of how your app or integration came about.  However, How did you come up with the idea? Kind of research did you do?

What Advice Do You Have

What challenges did you face when building your app and how did you overcome them? We’d love to hear about your experience building on the Shopify platform.” — Elena Li Examples of award-winning applications and developments Our judges offer some examples of exceptional applications and development in the wild. FORSBERG+two shopify commerce rewards: app store Gavin’s Pick: I love the work FORSBERG+two has done with their “Ordered” series of template and print applications. They are focused on solving a very specific pain point for traders in a really nice way. Their recent development of partnerships with some of the top Shopify theme developers is also a great example of how app developers can think a little outside the box and take advantage of the always-supportive Shopify Partner ecosystem.


Edison mail shopify commerce rewards: mail Ellen’s Pick. However,  Outside of the Shopify ecosystem, one app that exemplifies exceptional design and development for me is Edison Mail. It’s an email app that does much more than just read and write emails. Edison makes it easy to do other email-related things I care about: set reminders, quickly search, manage security/privacy settings, track deliveries, schedule trips, and unsubscribe from mailing lists with one touch . It’s easy to set up and also follows HCI’s Material Design and iOS design guidelines, making it simple and intuitive (for Android and iOS users respectively) to use right out of the box. You may also be interested in: An easier way to manage custom storefronts.

Applications and Development Category

UX/UI Category Well-crafted user experience and user interface design are powerful tools for communicating and achieving business goals. This year, we have divided UX/UI into four award categories: Best Animated Motion Graphic for UI – When used in a meaningful way, animation and motion are powerful tools that can improve user engagement on an eCommerce website. We are looking for a useful animation that will improve the user interface. Best Shopify Integration with WordPress – With the ability to integrate Shopify into the world’s most popular CMS, the possibilities are endless. We are looking for a seamless integration of Shopify with a WordPress site. However,  using the JS Checkout SDK and/or the Buy Button. The best mobile commerce experience.

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