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Of a 404 page : 404.php, or index.php (by default). When creating your theme, you have the freedom to create or not all of these files for each page  Greece Phone Number List template. Only one exception: the index.php file must be present in your theme folder, because it is the file that WordPress loads by default to display the template of a page on your site. Instead, try to select a template that is as generic as possible (main template in blue or secondary template in green) at first. If a more specific need appears during your development, all you have to do is rename your template to another more suitable one and possibly make a few small

adjustments. By doing so, you will avoid duplicating code unnecessarily and it will make it easier for you to maintain your WordPress theme. Create header and footer files In order to factorize – that is to say not to duplicate code unnecessarily – and to facilitate the reading of your code, it is recommended to follow good practices by creating the following two files: the header.php file : it must contain the function wp_head(), the footer.php file : it must contain the function wp_footer(). They are the ones that will be called at the top and bottom of your templates using the get_header();and functions get_footer();. Note that these two files are essential for the proper functioning of your theme and especially for future plugins that you will install

WordPress: 5.5.1 Update Fixes Javascript Error

In particular, they allow you to load the style sheets and JavaScript files of your pages. Step 4: activate the WordPress theme Once the main PHP files and your stylesheet are created, it’s now time to activate your theme. To do this, go to your WordPress administration interface: Appearance > Themes. You will find in this section the theme you have just created. Click the Activate button located at the bottom right of the preview thumbnail. Add and then activate your theme from the WordPress administration interface.CaptureBDM If it does not appear in the list, you should check that all your PHP files are saved in the correct wp-content/themes/montheme folder. In the style.css file, your lines of code should not have


spaces before the colon. Feel free to open this file to make sure this is not the case. Step 5: create the functions.php file Another important step, the functions.php file allows you to add features within your WordPress theme. Among the main functions, you will need a few lines of code to create the menu of your site. Create a menu in the functions.php file To create a WordPress menu box, just add this code snippet in your functions.php file: function register_my_menu(){ register_nav_menu(‘main-menu’, ‘Main menu’); } add_action(‘after_setup_theme’, ‘register_my_menu’); Add menu to template file You then need to add your menu area in your template file. It is thanks to this that WordPress will know when it should load the

That Affected Millions of Sites Theme and Plugin Developers

zone and therefore the menu associated with this zone. To do this, simply use the function wp_nav_menu()and encapsulate it in an element <nav>to facilitate its interpretation as a navigation element:You must declare your menu area in the header.php file you created earlier.  Note that the procedure is the same if you want to add a footer menu. It will simply be necessary to make sure to declare a new menu area with a unique name, then to repeat the steps that we have just seen. Register menu in WordPress interface Then go to the Appearance > Menus section of your administration

interface. Press the Create Menu button . In the Pages column, you will find the list of items you have. You can drag them into the block on the right labeled Menu Structure , in any order you like, to build it up.  we have just declared with the code snippet above. You should find your menu area name next to “ Show Location ”. Then check the corresponding box and save your menu. The menu structure in WordPress.  capture BDM Enhance your theme with other features You can then add other lines of code to improve the style of your theme and add useful features for the user experience. For example,


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