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Transactional and procedural.In addition to feeling that this review is very necessary, I also realize that review is a very effective tool for ensuring the continuous improvement  of products. Therefore, this article mainly combines our case Mexico Phone Number review to discuss in-depth project review. those things on the plate.What is “Recovery”What does reset mean? Replay was originally a Go term, also known as “replay”,

Which refers to the record of replaying the game after the game is over, in order to check the pros and cons of the moves in the game and the key to gain and loss . In Go, it is generally for self-study, or ask a master to give guidance and analysis.Therefore, replay refers to the analysis and summary of a specific event process that has occurred. For example, after the end of the autumn troops in the battlefield, the general’s summary and analysis of whether the application of strategy and tactics is appropriate.


Based on our review and communication meeting the day before

For example, in the trial calculation of financing interest rate, when there are multiple financings in the business, there is double calculation. This defect has actually appeared in the test environment, and regression Mexico Phone Number testing has also It has been verified that there is no problem, but it reappeared when the real order was operated yesterday. At the same time, there are also some small experimental bugs.

Mexico Phone Number
Mexico Phone Number

The general’s summary and analysis of whether the application of strategy and tactics is appropriate

we communicated through the review and found that the defect only verified the small version at that time during the regression test, and only verified it in the test environment. Later, there were omissions in the development of the merged code. After the review, we decided that according to the defect level , When the official environment goes online, the high-level defects that have been verified by regression should be verified one by one.


Recently re-read “Zizhitongjian”, Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty One of Liu Bang’s special features is that every time he makes a mistake, he will organize a review and analysis, so he never makes the same mistake.

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