DSers vs Oberlo: Can Dropshippers expect the same great service?

Shopify When are caught off guard. Shopify has announced that it will be shutting down the popular dg apps to choose . Algeria Mobile Number so we wonder why Shopify decided to vouch for the rest of the DSers. To that end, we did extensive testing and research on the Shopify app for DSers and compared it to all the features Oberlo has offered in the past. This way, you can decide for yourself which dropshipping tools you should add to your Shopify store and find out how close DSers and Oberlo are in terms of functionality.

Feature Comparison: DSers vs Oberlo

The above are and Oberlo provides a ton Algeria Mobile Number of features, both of which are designed to make dropshipping convenient for merchants. You pick a product from AliExpress other sources link the product details to your Shopify story, and the order. utomatically sent to the supplier for fulfillment. They both also ensure that merchants don’t have to mess with inventory updates or shipping, see how the supplier does all of that for you.So, DSers actually offer store owners more flexibility when it comes to platform integration. Partnering with Oberlo means your entire operation has to continue with Shopify. If you move to DSers, you probably don’t have any plans to move to Wix or WooCommerce, but there is at least an option in case your circumstances change.

Order Fulfillment and Automation

You can also automate some pricing to achieve a certain profit in your store. As for fulfillment, the order comes in and you can choose to automate that order, so it goes directly to the supplier for them to fulfill and send to your customer. Inventory automation is also possible, keeping your inventory counts accurate at all times and ensuring you don’t sell items that are no longer in stock. Automation comes in many forms for . First, you can set up variant mappings, product bundles, and bulk orders based on specific rules. There’s also a Supplier Optimizer that automatically filters your supplier search to those that match your criteria.

Algeria Mobile Number
Algeria Mobile Number

Interface Comparison: DSers vs Oberlo

Store and filter thousands of products from Algeria Mobile Number AliExpress suppliers from the Shopify App Store, from their own dashboard or from your Shopify. Product Search provides collections, and you can also import products based on URL or ID, or even use a bulk import tool. After that it allows you to sort products based on where they can be shipp. One downside is that it can be hard to see shipping times at a glance, because you have to click on each product to understand the shipping time or where the product shipped from. This makes filtering based on shipping speed very difficult.

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