The Fantastic Google Doodle: Tribute to Saul Bass

From time to time google surprises its Jamaica WhatsApp Number List with an impressive doodle (doodle means that a person draws while their attention is on something else, something like a doodle, and google has used this concept to change or embellish their logo to celebrate events or holidays), and clearly this is the case. Commemorating that 93 years ago saul bass was born, a great filmmaker and graphic designer, creator of creative titles and credits for very famous films such as “Psycho” “Around the world in 80 days” or “West side story” among many others, today we remember him with this fantastic tribute sponsored by google. This is not the first time that the largest web search engine has surprised us with these amazing works. On may 21, 2010, google launched this cute doodle to commemorate 30 years of the pacman game.

The Company Launched to Commemorate

Upon entering the main Jamaica WhatsApp Number List, you had a mini-version of the classic eighties game that marked an entire generation, which caused a furor on social networks. 00:05 / 00:20 another emblematic doodle that has been highly applauded was the one that the company launched to commemorate the 96th anniversary of the birth of les paul, a very important icon in the development of the electric guitar and inventor of multitrack recording, so on june 9 of 2011 google paid tribute to this genius who marked a before and after in electrical instruments. This doodle consisted of something like an electric guitar, they were actually string ensembles that formed certain chords, they also added a button to record what you played, here you can see the original doodle .

The Electric Guitar and Inventor of Multitrack

Jamaica WhatsApp Number List

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