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Colleagues and co-workers Sparkbox’s Rob Tarr and Daniel Flynn turn to their co-workers for updates. They are a great amount of information”, enthuses Daniel. “I am lucky to be in a work culture that encourages experimentation, discovery and teaching. My co-workers teach me a lot about different tools that. I would never have thought to try.” People are a great starting point for two kinds of learning. Argues Barb Spanton, UX lead at Shopify. “For continuous, day-to-day, curiosity-driven learning.  It’s just a matter of surrounding myself with interesting sources of information and giving myself some time.  To go through various rabbit holes of exploration and learning,” he explains. Those rabbit holes could be on Twitter, across various teams and Slack channels.  Or just exposing yourself to people.  Who are passionate about different things.

“When you find someone who is passionate about almost any subject.  You can learn something from them.” Barb adds that more specific.  Task-based learning often comes with a sense of urgency and purpose. Suddenly you’re responsible for something new.  And you may not have the time to simply explore or the luxury of hoping.  To find something useful. The challenge with this type Cook Islands B2B List of specific learning need is that.  The urgency often makes you feel like you don’t have time to spend ‘just learning. But that’s usually a sign that spending time ‘just learning’ is especially important. Barb SpantonShopify “Instead, I usually go to the person I know who is most knowledgeable about a topic and ask them to recommend resources: books, articles, conferences, other people, etc,” he says.

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The challenge with this type of specific learning need is that the urgency often makes you feel like you don’t have the time to spend ‘just learning,’ but that’s usually a sign that spending time ‘just learning’ is especially important. . ‘.” Continuous Learning in Web Design and Development: Egghead Egghead is an amazing resource for learning JavaScript, React, Angular, Node, D3, and more. You May Also Like: Top 7 Free Shopify Resources and Tools for Front-End Developers. 2. Go straight to the source Lyza Gardner, an open web engineer at Bocoup, finds herself going straight to the source more often these days, rather than trying to find indirect coverage of things in the news or on the blog. He points to TC39’s GitHub organization, which is full of information for people trying to stay on top of what’s going on with ECMAScript, and TC39.


which is the ECMA committee responsible for the ECMAScript (JavaScript) standard. The proposal repository summarizes the status of current proposals for new ES features and includes helpful links to each proposal. The higher the stage number , the further the feature is toward standardization. According to Lyza, you can find the ES specification in the ecma262 repository. “If all the numbers and committees are spinning your head, check out the process document for a quick and digestible summary of how all the pieces work together to make the ECMAScript standard work.” He adds that if you’re a web developer, you may already be familiar with the WHATWG HTML standard. “But you may not have noticed that all the work on the spec is done openly on WHATWG’s GitHub HTML repository.

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Lyza explains. an insight into the challenges of making the web a predictable and stable platform.” Freelance web developer Shane Hudson agrees, adding that if he has an interest on a more technical level, he’ll follow the mailing lists. “I rarely reply to them, but it’s a great way to see what’s currently being worked on.” 3. Automate! GitHub newsletters and repositories are a great way to stay up to date and discover new things, but they can be overwhelming. We spoke to Rachel Nabors, who runs Web Animation Weekly, and got an exclusive look at how she automated her data collection system. I used to follow a lot of GitHub bulletins and repositories for W3C specs,” he explains. “But then I ended up with a lot of tabs open. We all know it’s a great way to boil a cup of tea on your laptop.

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