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Spend time understanding your customer’s requirements and how an integrated POS system could benefit them,” explains Bryce. “Also, based on your requirements, identify any limitations the system may have that may affect your customer’s day-to-day operations, such as reservations, selling by weight, etc.” Educate your customer Educating business owners about the benefits of an integrated system, like Shopify POS, should be a big part of your initial conversations. For starters, you can teach them the importance of having an offline strategy. For merchants who sell both online with Shopify and in person with Shopify POS, the average price of an in-person sale is 60% higher than an online sale, according to Shopify data. It’s a compelling statistic that shows why Shopify merchants should consider an in-person sales strategy, even if it’s just on the weekends at a local market or fair.

For those ready to invest in a POS system, Shopify Plus Partner Phil de la Gueronniere at Genome suggests outlining the two elements a retailer should consider when deciding on a system: the benefit to the store and the benefit to the customer. the client. For the store, merchants should choose a system that allows staff to quickly learn the Russia B2B List ins and outs; a cost-effective system, but one that includes enterprise-grade features. The benefit to the customer should be a fast and secure checkout process that shows the retailer cares about the in-store experience. “Once we present the features, value and comparisons to other options, it becomes clear to the customer that the POS offers tremendous value that is difficult to replicate with other systems,” adds Phil.

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A good way to help educate merchants on the value of POS is to consider doing demos, either in-store or via the web. Do some research on the company so you can include some details about their store. If you’re dealing with a retailer that’s still using a traditional cash register, you can quickly demonstrate some of the efficiencies a cloud-based POS system would provide, helping them realize all the possibilities. You may also be interested in: Post-Launch Services as a Deliverable: The Win-Win Approach. Show simplicity and possibility. For many merchants, inventory and deciding how to manage it across online and offline channels is a conundrum. Shopify POS helps simplify this process by allowing merchants to set up their inventory once and make it available through multiple channels.


Orders, customers, and inventory are tracked and managed through a single platform. Which means that regardless of where a product was purchased online.  In person, or at a special event multi-channel inventory issues from.  Your customer (returns, reports, inventory, etc. In general, we try to provide the most integrated solutions with the least amount of friction,” explains Phil. “In our experience, the more tools you can connect that share the same architecture, the more seamless the experience will be for both the store associate and the customer.” Phil adds that if a retailer uses Shopify for eCommerce, but uses another system in-store, his team will recommend adding parallel POS as a way to get staff to try it out.

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The lure of training staff on a single system is a big plus for customers. And once they get a chance to pay customers. Phil says they often jump to replace their existing platforms. BIZHELM’s Andrew adds that while there are countless other benefits to Shopify POS.  Inventory management and the integrated solution. It provides across all sales channels is the key area where a small business can really benefit. At the end of the day, highlighting POS features that can make a merchant’s life.  Easier is sure to get their attention. We focus on helping our clients see how the right.  Mix of systems and platforms can create efficiencies and collateral possibilities.  That help them compete in today’s rapidly changing world. Andrew Langlois, BIZHELM “One of our business slogans is. Automate your business,’” explains Andrew.

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